Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2016 New Year's day Events!

Goodbye 2015, Welcome 2016!

 It's common that making a wish while watching the rising sun on the New Year's Day.
Also, all the events makes the January 1st the most special day of the year.
How exciting it is to welcome a New Year with all the people and watch traditional performances on the New Year's Day?

[New Year's Day Events in Daegu City]
  • Dong-Gu New Year's Day Event: 07:00 am @ DongChon Amusement Park                                                                    
  • Seo-Gu New Year's Day Event: 07:00 am @ WahRyong mountain Sangri-bong/Gyeseong highschool                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Nam-Gu SinCheon New Year's Day Event: 07:00 zm @ SinCheon Dunji (SangDong-Gyo)                                                                                                                         
  • Buk-Gu O'bong mountain New Year's Day Event: 07:10 am @ O'bong mountain ChinSan-Jeong                                                                                                                                                        
  • SuSeong-Gu CheonEul mountain New Year's Day Event: 06:30 am @ CheonEul mountain (behind GoSan elementary School)                                                                                                                                                          
  • DalSeo-Gu WahRyong mountain New Year's Day Event: 07:00 am @ WahRyong mountain Heliport #1                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • DalSeong-Gun Eup/Myeon area New Year's Day Event: 07:00 am @ HwaWon  Dongsan Observatory, DalSeong-Bo, MaeGok reservoir, ChaeJung mountain HaSang sports park, SongHae public park, BiSul mountain JoHo-bong, DaeNi mountain Peak.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Protect your health from fine dust this winter!

 As the air polution in China has been worse through the years, Korea and the other Aisan countries also suffer from it.  Specifically, the fine dust is the worst of the kind. The fine dust contains heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, a category 1 carcinogen classified by World Health Organization, so we should be more cautious.

 The fine dust are mostly caused by running boiler, cars, and power plants. During the cold winter season, the increase in heating causes increase in fine dust. Moreover, due to severe El Niño and Daegu's geographic characteristic, there would be more often fine dust alert this year in Daegu.

 Now, how do we prepare for the fine dust? It is best not to go outside; however, no one can stay home all through the winter. If you go outside, wear a filtering mask which covers your nose and mouth. Pluse, drinking water could help maintaining your health against the fine dust.

 Here's few more pieces of advice:

- Stay inside.
- Wear a mask when you go outside.
- Wear hats and glasses. (protect ears and eyes.)
- Don't open windows often.
- Drink water more often.
- When you get back from outside, wash your hands and face in the running water.
- Avoid outdoor activities.

 Hope everyone get through this winter well and stay healthy.

Fine dust forecasting/alarming system (Korean)

Daegu National Science Museum opens an ice sledding link.

 A ice sledding link will be opened opened at Daegu National Science Museum for the family visitors in the winter season! The link is set at the front of the Science Square right front to Science Playground building. 

  The link opens 10:00 ~ 17:45, divided into 8 period of 45 min playtime. Fees for renting sled and other equipment is 2 000 WON, and 1 000 WON would be cost for each parent who wants to enter with their childern. If you have the day's museum tickets, the rent fee would be discounted to 1 000 WON, and the parents can enter free of charge.

 Most importantly, the safety assistances will alway be monitoring the link to prevent any accedents.

 The link will officially open on December 24th, 01:30 pm. On the opening day, the museum will let every visitors enter the sledding link for free in celebration of 2nd anniversary. Moreover, there would be a gift for the first 100 visitors, so don't miss the chance!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

[A person of Daegu] Master painter Lee, In-Sung.

 In-Sung Lee was a leading painter of Korean art society in 1930's. Let's find out about his harch life and Apple Tree Lee, In-Sung memmorial street.

◆ Life of Lee, In-Sung

 In-Sung Lee made his debut on korean art society with '그늘(shade)', insired by workers who was taking a rest at the front gate of Gyeosung School. His painting was accepted by the government institution art award, the higest athority of art in Korea at the time. He could only got out of high school due to the financial problem; however, he was able to learn how to paint with the support of the CEO of Daegu art gallery (대구미술사), Dong-jin Seo, who discovered In-Sung's talent in the art.

'가을의 어느 날 (Someday of the autumn)' Lee, In-Sung

 After his talent in art was recognized, In-Sung was able to study in Japan with the support of the Daegu's influential people. While studying oversea, he'd learned and practiced about impressionism, post-impressionism, fauvism, and made them his style. This was resulted in a In-Snng's unique style, which could be described as a mixture of western art style and indigenous emotion of Korea. However, the most tragically, In-Sung was hit by a aimless bullet shot by a police, and passed away at his age of 39, when his artictic activities at its peak.

◆Apple Tree Lee, In-Sung Memmorial Street.

 In the remembrance of Lee, In-Sung and the messages he wanted to deliver to Korean, Daegu City constructed the Apple Tree Street on June, 2015. On the 7m high wall, In-Sung's masterpieces including, '가을 어느날', '사과나무', '카이유' are painted. Interestingly, the '사과나무 (Apple Tree)' was painted much redder than the original piece. It was intentionally drew this way according to the moral of 'completeing the spirits of the Korean on Japanese colonial era. Apple tree streets could be much meaningful place for the Korean who remembers the cruel rule of Japan during the time.

'사과나무 (Apple Tree)', Lee, In-Sung

In-Sung Lee died so young, but his work of arts still touches in our heart.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Diversity film only cinema in Daegu, 55 Cinema&33 Cafe.

 'Once', 'Begin Again', 워낭소리'. 족구왕', '잉여들의 히치하이킹', '님아 그 강을 건너지 마오...' These are the Korean made diversity films. Diversity films are not made for profits, so it's hard to watch on regular movie theaters. To solve this problem, '55 Cinema' was opened last February. The theater was named 55, because the total number of seat is 55.

 55 Cinema is located between MMC 만경관 building and Gwak hospital. In the same building, 33 cafe also brings a favor for all diversity film lovers. Affiliated with 55 Cinema, 33 cafe provides a resting/meeting place for the audience. Since the cafe is equipted with a pc for websearch, headphones for music, and tons of books, it could always be a great place to spend a free time.

 Togather the cafe and the cinema, they can be called 3355 (sam-sam Oh-Oh in korean tongue). It's ver memorable name because the 3355 makes a pun with 삼삼오오 (三三五五), a mimetic work for a group of people gathering.

 On the menu, you can find more than just tea and coffee. Sweets that goes great with coffee, snacks, and both soft and spiked drinks. Also, all the drink and snacks bought from the cafe are allowed to bring inside the cinema! Most improtantly, movie tickets are solded at the cafe counter as well.

 Lists and brief informations of currently screening films can be found eather at the front desk of cafe, or the 55 cinema webpage and facebook.

 A fun fact about the 55 CInema is that the organization was sponsered by Daegu citizens. 55 cinema is a proof that showing a great interest on art of Daegu citizens.

 The enterance of the 55 cinema. Calligraphy on the wall is very eye-catching.

 One in a while, watching unique art films and having a chit-chat with people who share the same interest wouldn't be a bad idea. Disscover the beauty of korean diversity films at 55 Cinema, and make new friends in 33 cafe!

Find out more about the Korean diversity films on 55 Cinema webpage! ▶

Seeking companionship?

 The winter season in Korea can be filled with sunny days and brisk winds. It's a great time to try snowboarding and other winter sports. It can also be a time to embrace the indoors by curling up in bed with a good book and spending some quality time with your pets. If you don't have any pets of your own and you are in need of some furry companionship during the long winter, check out BaBaBin Cafe located just down the street from the northeastern corner of Suseong Lake.

 Similar to other dog cafes here in Daegu, the BaBaBin Cafe houses dogs of all different sizes and breeds. The cafe is warm, spacious, and even has a small patio for dogs to run around in. You can always bring your own dog to the cafe while you enjoy a nice hot drink and a snack.

You can also buy dog gear too! They stock a few novelty items that you might not find at other pet stores around the city.



Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Having meaningful time on christmas season!

Season's greetings!

 It's almost the end of 2015. Do you have any plan to spend meaningful christmas season with someone special? How about a concert? Here's 4 promising performance we recommend!

 #1 For those who want to spend quiet and calming night, and the classical music lovers, we recommend "Farewell to the old year concert", promoted by Daegu Citizen Hall (

●Date: December 19th, (Sat.) 5:00 pm
●Location: Grand Concert Hall, Daegu Citizen Hall
●Tickets: 20 000~30 000 WON
●Contact No. 053)250-1400      

 #2 If you want a dynamic, passionated, and loud night, we recommend "Kim Kyung-Ho&Two Hearts concert". (

●Date: Dec. 29th, (Tue) 7:30 pm
●Location: Cheongnyong Hall, Smiling Art Center.                                                
●Tickets: 40 000WON                                                   
●Contact No. 053)584-8719

​ #3 Korean Traditional Dance, modern dance, and musical ... Anything and everything about performing arts! If you want to enjoy a broad types of the concert, we recommend "Farewell to the old year concert" planned by Daegu Art Center. (

●Date: Dec. 30th (Wed), 8:00 pm                                                
●Location: Palgong Hall, Daegu Art Center                                                   
 ●Tickets: 5 000~10 000 WON                                                   
●Contact No. 053)606-6131

​#4 Here's a chance to bid farewell to 2015, and welcome 2016 while listening an orchestra playing classical masterpiece. SuSeong Artia invites you to the "New year's eve Concert". (

●Date: Dec. 31st (Thu), 11:00 pm                                               
●Location: Yonggi Hall, SuSeong Artpia                                      
●Tickets: 30 000 ~ 70 000 WON                                                  
●Contact No. 668-1800

Even aside these four events, there are still more concert planned during the end of the year's week. Find out more on the each organization's website.

We wish you have a wonderful christmas and happy new year!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Daegu's largest produce terminal, Paldal Market!

Most commonly, Daegu's 3 largest traditional marketplace refers to Seomun market, Chilsung market, and Gwanmun market, but sometimes Paldal Traditional Market fills the place instead of Gwanmun market. Paldal market was originally formed on Wondae-dong 1Ga; however, in 1970, the market was moved to the current location.

Paldal market is located near Paldal bridge. Since the marketplace is located on the gateway to Daegu, Paldal market used to be a center of produce trading hub in Daegu. However, Daegu Food Wholesale Market opened in 1988, and Paldal market had lost their major customers. In 2011, Paldal market regained their function as wholsalers, as the market officially became a produce terminal. Every moring, over 700 vendors work busily to provides fresh vegetable from every corner of Korea to Daegu citizens.

Also, in 2005, foundation of the associate of Paldal vendors resulted in improvement of customer convenient facilities, such as installation of arcade, new parking area, and publinc washrooms. Especially, the new public parking lots has capacity of total 250 vehicles with varius payment options including public transportation card.

As any other tradtional markets, Paldal market offers varius meals and snacks. Especially, Janchi Guksu (bouquet noodle) lookes more delicious in cold winter! Also, deep fired fichcake is only 1 000 won for 3. Within 10 000 Won, both customers and vendors can have a satisfing meal!

Unlikely for the traditional market, Paldal traditional market also run their own webpage. On the paldal market website (, all the informations including the map, the shop information, and available products of the season. Allways up-to-dated information allows the custormers to created the shopping list, travel rout; thus, save a lot of time!

Like all the fresh vegitables from all across the Korea, Paldal market is always full of lives.

Friday, December 11, 2015

[Restaurant] Ppum By Porkhouse

The Ppum By (뿜바이) this translates into “Dutch Pay”

 Here is another nice family restaurant locatied near Youngnam University Medical Center YUMC Instersection. Or a few minute walk from the subway station located there.

 The menu is primarily pork meat cuts and soups. This place has gained popularity in the almost two years it has been open. The owner takes pride in only serving seasonal fresh meals with a particularly healthy slany. My family has been visiting there since the family-owned business opened.

If you are a fan of meat as the main course, here is a place for you. All meat platters are served with some sliced fresh muchrooms ( at least two types), fresh sliced onion, rice cake and when available a few large-bodied shrimp.

The side dishes are always changing because she oly uses seasonally fresh ingredients. All ingredientsare only from South Korea. Usually during colder months, she serves a bowl of mucscles with each meal and you may ask for a refill if you would like more.

This place is with-in easy walking distance from any of the three Daegu camps and there is outdoor parking across from the restaurant. 

The content of this article does not reflect the official opinion of the Daegu Metropolitan city.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Daegu's original complex outlet, Gyodong Market.

Gyodong market is a unique kind of traditional marketplace in Korea. Gyodong market was also called 'Dokkaebi market', because back in time, the stores in this place used to handle the goods that cannot be traded in the marketplace. To avoid the police inspection, the stores used to run during the night times; thus, the market was called 'Dokkaebi', a fictional creature that appears as normal living wares during daytime, and appears as huge manly figure during the night.

History of Gyodong

Originally, the name 'Gyodong(校洞)' was given to this place because Daegu Hyanggyo (大邱鄕校, a school in Joseon dynasty period) was nearby. However, under Japanese rule over Joseon, Daegu Hyanggyo was moved to Namsan-dong. In 1956, although the Daegu Hyanggyo was moved out from this place a long time ago, this marketplace were named after the name 'Gyodong.'

In the time of the Korean war, snitched U.S. military supplies were traded in Gydong market. Once called 'Yankee market,' Gydong market had traded American snacks and US military uniform. Since then, peddlers traded imported goods in Gydong market. Until 1980's, Gydong market had its golden period in trading imported groceries and military goods. Even today, almost 30% of goods traded in Gydong market is imported snacks, and few of military stores are still remaining.

Today, Gydong market is famous for electronic/camera/sound system stores, as well as jewelry stores.

Enjoy Gyodong Market with 10 000 WON!

The most common items in Gydong market are imported snacks. It has been fairly normal in Korea recently, but only a few years ago, exotic snacks were rare that could be found in certain places like Gydong Market. In the food court, common Korean snacks are offered at great prices. Among the varius choices, seasoned fish cakes and squid-jeon (Korean pancake with squid) are the most eye-catching.

Great deals on fine jewelry and electronic gagets, tasty and affordable snacks, and interesting backstory sure make Gyodong Traditional Market a one-of-a-kind!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Chosen as 2015 best traditional marketplace, enjoy New Seonam Market only with 10 000 WON.

Seonam Traditional Marketplace is a famous Korean traditional market with long tradition, yet evolving along with the cunsumer's needs.

Seonam traditional market, also known as Jokbal street, is located on the major street of dowtown Daegu, Dalgubul street. Seonam market was the first to install automatic coupon publishing machines as a traditional market. Also, in 2015, Seonam traditional market is setected as a test market for Onnuri electrinic gift card.

History and Tradition

In 1985, Seonam marketplace was formed along the streets near the current location of the market. Back in time, Seonam market was the only marketplace in west Daegu, so it used to be croweded with the people from all over the city. Furthermore, bus stops and subway systems are located nearby, Seonam traditional market was always full with customers. Until 1990's Seonam traditional market was where customers wait for opening of the store.

Since the new shopping malls and grocery stores were opened around the Sung-seo new metro, Seonam traditional market lost a huge number of customers. However, initiative actions of Seonam market stores, they was able to modernize the market with the government's support. With the newly installed tiles, roof, arcade, customer service center, and public parking lot, people started to visit Seonam traditional market again, and has won the title of best Korean traditional marketplace.

Enjoying Seonam Traditional Market with 10 000 WON

Seonam traditional market earned its fame not only with the modernization, but also with the great food. Seonam traditional market offers 1 000 won mini-cafe, and 2 000 won snacks, such as Dddukboki, Hodduk, dumplings, doughnuts, fishcakes and more! Also, there is Jokbal that people cannot leave the market without having it. In Autum, Guamegi is in the season.

Groceries and seafoods are also offered with fair prices.

Selected for Onnuri Electronic Gift Card test market

In 2015, Seonam traditional market was chosen as a test market for Onnuri Electronic Gift Card. Onnuri gift card is available in almost every store in Seonam traditional market, and it gives even more convenience for the customers.

In addition, venders of Seonam market came up with a brilliant idea to install an automatic coupon publishing machine for the first as a traditional market. In Seonam traditional market, customers can recieve coupons at customer service center, and get benifits during and after their shopping.

With the modernization and varius choice of food, Seonam traditional market has been successful since its formation in 1985, and expected to develop even further.