Monday, February 29, 2016

[Press Article] Keungol Valley Hike ( Upper Intermediate Level Hike )

This was a tough hike, as most of it was steady climbing. If you notice the contour lines on the map above are very close.  We started at the bottom of the mountain near the south end of the Apsan Beltway.  At the highest point, we were at about 550 meters.  This may have ranked in at the second or third most difficult hike on Apsan.  We took snack and coffee and lots of water.  The day was cool and wet.  This is the reason I wanted to try this course.  I was hoping to get a nice view of the city on an overcast day.  It paid off very nicely as we neared the top and started getting to places where we could look out over the city.

The overcast day made it very quiet and peaceful.  We only saw a few other hikers and a couple of mountain bikers as well.  It was a very nice day to hike.

The area where we took the first few photos was not too much higher than the fog hanging over the city but was just what I had hoped we would see.  It was like a blanket over the city.

Not much farther up the mountain, we saw a sign reminding people that we should not shout “Yahoo!”  This used to be a normal thing to do when hikers reached a nice overlook.  It is bothersome to the animals that live in the forest and to other hikers.  So, please remember, it is not ok to do that.

Near the top, we were able to look into the park and see the connecting mountains. All I can say is “WOW!”

I hope we can find a day during the spring to get up there when the sun is shining across the city and the beauty of the park.  If you happen to see us, please say Hi, maybe we can sit down together and share some snacks and stories of your hikes in Apsan park or surrounding areas. I look forward to seeing you on the mountain!

[Apsan Keungol Management Office]

[Culture] Daegu Art Musem: The First Exhibition of 2016

                                                                                                                          Photo: DAM website
Daegu Art Museum: The First Exhibition of 2016
Daegu Art Museum is held its first exhibition of 2016 this month. It presents diverse works of artists from Daegu who have been successfully working as modern artists in Korea and abroad as well. Daegu Art Museum hold their first exhibition with diversified programs for the purpose of advance of an art standard of Daegu Metropolitan City.    

Visitors can enjoy 11 exhibitions for this spring including special exhibition, international exchange exhibition, and yearly exhibition.  

#Exhibition1 Sun-cheol KWUN: The Gaze
The artist was born in Changwon, South Gyeonsangdo Province and raised in Daegu. Gyeongpook province. He express his sadness about the loss of father and uncle in the Korean war through art works. He also enjoyed drawing mountains, and rivers in Korea and the old and women in small country villages.

#Exhibition2 Highlights of Kim Inhan's Collection - Beautiful Gifts
The exhibition titled《Highlights of KIM In-han’s Donated Works – Beautiful Gifts》is the first highlight exhibition to provide opportunities for viewers to relish the donated works of Chairman KIM In-han of Yusung Construction while honoring the spirit of his beautiful donation. After he expressed his will to donate his prolific art collection early 2015, he donated 578 pieces of paintings and video works to Daegu Art Museum on June 20 of the same year.

Viewers can relish and compare artistic features of works in the two exhibition halls, while enjoy the artistic value of works in each hall. The exhibition will offer them an aesthetic ground with the nostalgic resonance.

#Exhibition3 Design and Art [DNA]
Design and art, DNA, means collaboration of design and fine art. In this exhibition viewers will see how art is connected to other parts of society such as economy, and social culture rather than is existed as art itself. The organizer of the exhibition, Yoo Myung Jin, said "The exhibition presents current, and new status of art and designs which is breaking down each others' boundaries".

Daegu Art Museum
Opening Hours
-April-October: 10:00a.m.-7:00p.m.

-Novemver-March: 10:00a.m.-6:00p.m.

Ticket is available 30minutes before opening and one hour before closing.
Every Monday Closed.
(If the national holiday falls on Monday, the musem is closed the following day.) 

Address : 40 Misulgwan-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu 42250, Korea
More Information :  (English)
Inquiry : 053-790-3000

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Free Bike Rental in Daegu

Do you know that you can rent a bicycle at Daegu subway stations for free? Daegu Metropolitan City offer free bike rental service for citizens and visitors in Daegu to make life in Daegu more eco-friendly and healthy.

Including normal bikes, small sized bikes and bikes with front basket are also offered especially for kids' safety and people's convenience who rents it for groceries.

Of course, free bikes are also open for people who want to enjoy their leisure time. All you have to do is check subway stations that provide rental service, and bring your ID!


* Subway Line 1 at 11 stations (240 bikes)
 ● Daegok Station (☎644-7723) 20 bikes
 ● Jincheon Station (☎642-7723) 20 bikes
 ● Wolchon Station (☎626-7710) 20 bikes
 ● Seongdangmot Station (☎651-7736) 25 bikes
 ● Myeongdeok Station (☎255-7723) 20 bikes
 ● Sincheon Station (☎756-7706) 20 bikes
 ● Dongdaegu Station (☎742-7787) 25 bikes
 ● Keungogae Station (☎942-7721) 20 bikes
 ● Dongchon Station (☎981-7731) 20 bikes
 ● Yulha Station (☎962-7729) 30 bikes
 ● Banyawol Station (☎962-7798) 20 bikes

* Subway Line 2 at 11 stations (290 bikes)
 ● Daesil Station (☎587-1933) 40 bikes
 ● Gangchang Station (☎585-0660) 20 bikes
 ● Keimyung Univ. Station (☎588-0990) 40 bikes
 ● Seongseo Industrial Complex Station (☎582-6215) 25 bikes
 ● Igok Station (☎582-6214) 20 bikes
 ● Yongsan Station (☎553-3598) 35 bikes
 ● Kyungpook National University hospital Station (☎427-0523) 30 bikes
 ● Daegu Bank Station (☎752-0206) 20 bikes
 ● Manchon Station (☎751-0287) 20 bikes
 ● Daegu Grand Park Station (☎791-0881) 20 bikes
 ● Sinmae Station (☎791-0898) 20 bikes

① Visit subway station near you
② Go to Station employee center and Sign up for the membership (ID is required! )
③ Rent a bike

■ Open Hours
 -Spring/Summer Season
06:00 ~ 20:00 (You should return the bicycle to the station by 22:00)

 -Autumn/Winter Season
06:00 ~ 18:00 (You should return the bicycle to the station by 20:00)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

[Culture] Daegu Metropolitan Dance Theatre Performance 'Moon-Looking Dog' and 'Dejavu'

Daegu Metropolitan Dance Theatre presents its regular performance on March 9th, and March 10th. The dancing 'Moon-Looking Dog' and 'Dejavu' were highly acclaimed and had favorable reviews from 'Biennale  de la danse'.

Both performances and recorded sold out for all times at Biennale  de la danse.

The art dirctor of Daegu Metropolitan Dance Theatre, Hong Seung-Yeop, said “Both performances have high level of creativity and completness even after 16 years went by. features black and white contrast, while shows splendid colors. “

■ Art Director : Hong Seung-Youp

Moon-Looking Dog , Dejavu
The 69th Regular Performance of Daegu Metropolitan Dance Theatre
-Dates: 2016.3.9 ~ 2016.3.10
-Time: 7:30 p.m.
-Venue: Daegu Culture and Art Center Palgong Hall
-Director of Art: Hong Seung-Yuop
-Age restriction: Exceed 8
-Price: R 15,000 KRW / S 10,000 KRW
-Purchasing Tickets: 1588-7890,

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

[Press Article/Tour ] Daegu & Vicinity Tour Stamp Trail

Last year in the spring I purchased book pictured above, one for each of the three members of my family.  They each cost 1,000 KRW and are also good for one day’s worth of rides on the Daegu City Tour Bus. ( normally, the bus ride is about 5,000 KRW! ).  Thus we began our mission of reaching as many destinations as we could until the end of October.  Here is how it worked for the 2015 Tour.  Foreigners needed to make at least ten destinations for the stamps. Koreans are required to get 30 stamps.  My wife is Korean and my daughter and I are foreigners, so I decided that we would get at least thirty like mommy needed.  Below, are some of the locations to go to and you can also see the stamps in blue ink.

It takes a little devotion to get to thirty different locations, but for me it was a great way for the family to get out of the house and visit some cool places.  I would bet that some of the places you enjoy in Daegu will be on next year’s tour trail.

There are more than ten different locations all within walking distance in the downtown area.  Taking one or two of the Daegu City Tour course routes will also be a fun way to get to the attractions.

The best part of the tour for me was doing it with my five year old daughter.  We were on the go using buses, subways, the Daegu City Tour Bus, and some gentle steps to get to the locations such as Gotbawi, The Arc, Daegu Stadium, Anjirang Market, the Observatory on Apsan, and many more.

Many of the attractions are of historical importance and for us to be able to visit those places was a great way to learn of Daegu’s rich past and its cultural importance to the Republic of Korea.  I enjoy seeing old buildings and ceremonial locations. My daughter enjoyed the natural beauty of some of the outdoor locations and the modern museums.

We will get on the stamp tour again this year.  We hope to see some of you out there as well.  If you happen to see us, please give us a shout out.  That is unless we are someplace where we should be a little quiet like the temple on Palgong Mt.  Then maybe just a wave would work also.

In the end, we took our completed stamp books to Duryu park visitors center and signed up to receive our Certificates and we also each received 10,000 won vouchers we can use at some of the traditional markets in the city.  We hope to see you out there!

Monday, February 22, 2016

2016 Colorful DAEGU Parade Participants Registration

2016 Colorful DAEGU Festival
Colorful Parade Participants Registration

Daegu Metropolitan City is currently recruiting participants of 2016 Colorful Parade for Colorful DAEGU Festival in May. The festival is one of the biggest festivals in Daegu with variety of program arrangements. Among them, 'Colorful parade' is definitely the highlight of the festival. 

Parade runs as a competition over the cash prizes which worth 12,860,000 won in total amount. Teams are judged on many qualities including uniqueness, personality, audience appeal, and completeness.

   ■ 2016 Colorful Festival 'Colorful Parade'    
-Date of the Festival : 2016. 5. 7 ~ 5. 8
-Recruitment Period: 2016. 1. 12 ~ 3. 31
-Theme of the parade: Passion
-Theme Color of 2016 : Red (must be included the costume)
-Host Organization: Daegu Metropolitan City
-Qualification:  Anyone who submit the application in advance.
※ Participating teams will be screened based on their applications if the number of applicants exceeds capacity.

  ■ How to Apply:  
1) Applying Online: Visit Festival website (Korean) and fill out the form. 
2) Applying Via E-mail : Send proposal document (must include: Name, Phone number, The number of participants, Team Introduction, A short parade plan) to

  ■ Contact  
Daegu Foundation for Culture
-Call: 053-430-1264 , 1265

 Express yourself 
freely, creatively, and colorfully! 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Flower Blooming Season in Daegu

Spring is coming! This year, flower blossom season is expected to come 1~4 days earlier than that of average years.  

Flower Blooming Season in Daegu
-Forsythia: March 16th
-Rosebay: March 24th
-Cherry Blossom: March 31st

The Best Time to see Fulll Blooms
-Southern Region: March 23th ~ 31st
-Middle Region: March 30th ~ April 9th
-Seoul: April 3rd
-Jeju: After March 22nd 

                                     ■ Great Spots for beautiful cherry blossoms 
Suseongmot Lake, Daegu Stadium,E-world, 
Palgong Mountain, Kyungpook National University, 
Duryu Park, Youngnam University

Thursday, February 18, 2016

[Beautiful Daegu] Daegu Okyeonji pond trail

On a misty day Daegu Okyeonji pond shows you its mysterious landscape with completely different mood from sunny day. It looks dark , and gloomy but somehow, beautiful as well.

Do not miss the view of Okyeonji pond on a sunny day, though!  It is even more beautiful. 

As you can see in the pictures below, Okyeonji pond trail is a nice place for a stroll enjoying nature. It is a 3.5km course along Okyeonji pond.  It will take about one hour when walking at a slow pace. 

Little chairs with animal drawings and colorful pinwheels would be a good photo zone for families with children.     

■ Daegu Okyeonji Pond Trail (Okyeonji Song-hae Park)
-Address : Daegu Dalseong-gun Okpo-myeon Gise-ri
-Bus: 600, 달성2 (Dalseong2)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

[Culture] The 178th Concert of Daegu City Arts Group of Korean Classical Music

Daegu Korean Classical Music Group, a Korean traditional music orchestra representing the city of Daegu, will have its 178th regular concert coming March 2nd at Daegu Culture and Art Center.


 The concert consists of diverse Korean traditional musical programs performed by artists of Daegu who are designated as intangible cultural asset of Korea. Opening with 'Jeonpae-hwamun'(전폐회문) , the splendid traditional music performance for worshipping the late kings and queens of the Choseon Dynasty, they will also feature Daegu's folk drum dance 'Nalmae Book-choom' (날뫼북춤), Pansori(판소리), Haegeum Sanjo (해금산조), Korean classical orchestra, and so on.

The concert would be a great opportunity for those who are looking for a experience of native music of Daegu region.

■ About Performance

- Dates 2016.3.2 (Wed)
- Time 7:30 p.m.
- Venue Daegu Culture and Art Center Palgong Hall, 대구문화예술회관 팔공홀
- Price : Adult 10,000 won / Student 5,000 won
- Website :
- Purchasing Tickets : 588-7890


Bus : In front of the Performing Arts Center / 202, 452, 600, 609, 618, 650, 836, 706
Subway: 20-mintue walk from exit 1 of Seongdangmot Station (Line 1)
Parking: Available

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

[Press Article] Daegu's Key Man (Mayor of Daegu, Kwon Young Jin)

- This article is written by 2015 Daegu Foreign Blog Press, Maria Indira P. Bio -

The hall was massive, and on the brightly lit stage were different national flags that tell you it was a multinational gathering. Guests have already filled the seats when he arrived. He went around moving from one table to another, and shook hands to greet the guests. To our group and other expats, who were half of the guests in attendance, he introduced himself: “My name’s Kwon Young Jin”

He continued greeting other guests around until he came to where his table was, where the other VIPs that included ambassadors Krzysztof IgnacyMajka of Poland, Pham Huu Chi of Vietnam, Csaba Gabor of Hungary, Myo ThantPe of Myanmar, and Mark William Lippert of the United States were seated. 

                                                         Inside the Hotel Interburgo convention hall, venue of the 2015 DGIEA night

But he was the night’s key man, Kwon Young Jin – the mayor of Daegu. He was hosting an evening of friendship Daegu has tirelessly established, over the span of twenty years, with communities around the world. It was the night of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk International Exchange Association (DGIEA), held annually in November, to celebrate the city’s diplomatic ties and international exchanges with other countries.  What started as a simple international association between Korea and Poland in 1995 is now a strong 31-member associations, with the recent addition of Korea-Indonesia, Korea-USA, and Korea-Myanmar. 

This wasn’t the first occasion I came to encounter the mayor. At the last year’s welcome ceremony for the Daegu foreign blog press, which I happen to be a member, he also came with that genial air that radiated across the hall. When it was time to take photos, he initiated by squatting on the floor. And we all followed suit, with all happy faces.My photo taken with him, with my certificate in hand had the mayor doing the peace sign, like a youngster hoping to get a perfect picture for a Facebook profile.

The mayor is a perfect embodiment of Daegu – a soft shell, warm, and jovial. He is proud of his city, and he beams with pride at its success in hosting a number of international events: the FIFA World Cup games in 2002, the Summer Universiade in 2003, World Championships in Athletics in 2011, the World Energy Congress in 2013, and the 7th World Water Forum in 2015. Likewise, Daegu is proud of this man, just as it takes pride being a home to many distinguished Koreans, who played significant roles in enriching the country’s history, economy, politics, culture, and arts.