Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Lions and their new home

A new landmark has unfolded in Daegu.  After its groundbreaking in 2012, the Samsung Lions’ Park finally made its debut last March 19 as the new home of the Samsung Lions baseball team. Crowds in blue and white packed into the stadium to celebrate an event that deserves a spot in the sports history of Daegu.

It was a festive day. The crowd broke into cheers as the city officials made the ceremonial first batting to formally open the new ballpark, in time for the 2016 Regular Season League. When the Lions finally came out into the field for a friendly match against a team of TV personalities, the cheers turned more ecstatic.

Inside the new ballpark.

Even persons with disabilities are well accommodated inside the stadium.

The stadium boasts of a 24,000-seat capacity and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.Over a hundred billion won was spent to build the stadium. But building a new home for one of Korea’s best teams is well worth it. And the Lions deserve nothing less than that. They’ve brought great pride to Daegu for an impressive feat since its founding in 1982. With eight championship titles under their belt, the Lions have become one of the city’s sports icons. And they’ve created baseball superstars like Yang JoonHyuk and Lee SeungYoup.

When the regular season league opens on April 1, the stadium is seeing the season’s first match: Samsung Lions versus the Doosan Bears – the defending champion and a formidable opponent to beat.

Young citizen journalists came early on to cover the historic event.

But the crowd of blue and white will pack the stadium again. They will explode into cheers that will inspire confidence in their beloved sluggers. They will chant the Lions’ names in unison, until they roar like kings of the game.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2016 Samsung Lions Game Schedule

2016 KBO League (Korean Baseball Championship) starts on April 1st!  Check out the game schedule of Samsung Lions in April!
*Numbers and City names in brackest are strating time and location of the game.
*Soruce: Samsung Lions Webpage

For more information, visit KBO League webpage here:

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

[Daegu Dialect] What does 'Ajumma' , 'Ajimae' means in Korean?

Have you heard of the Korean word ‘Ajumma’?  It is a word meaning ‘a middle aged woman who married’. One funny thing of Ajumma is that many Ajummas have similar hair style which is short length permed hair style.  Korean Ajumma may look impolite and aggressive in public area for time to time but they are all warmhearted mothers who love their family very much!  

Ajimae is a Gyeonsang-do province dialect word for ‘Ajumma’. Sometimes especially in rural areas Ajimae refers to ‘aunt’ but it is not actually a word for a family relationship.

So let’s see how the words are used in conversation.

1. Ma'am, I appreciate it!
(Daegu Ver.) Ajimae, Kamsahamniday!
(Seoul Ver.) Ajumma, Kamsahamida!

2. Ma'am, Can I get some water please?
(Daegu Ver.) Ajimae, Mul jom juyiso
(Seoul Ver.) Ajumma, Mul jom juseyo.

Enjoy Beautiful Spring in Daegu

You can enjoy beautiful spring everywhere in Daegu

Spring are budding across the country! Daegu is celebrating this season as well. Temperatures rise, and people are now wearing bright and light clothes. 

So here are beautiful spring pictures of Daegu that would definitely make you feel happy! - Photos of roads with full blossoms of spring flowers.

Geumhogang Riverside road (Dong-gu Jijeo-dong)

Geumhogang Riverside Road (Buk-gu Sangyeok-dong)

Duryu Park

Kkotbora Dongsan (Near Gyeongbuk provincial government building)

Apsan Soon-hwan doro (Apsan Beltway)

Keymyung University

Palgongsan Soon-hwanro (Palgongsan Beltway)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Travel Daegu with K-Travel Bus!

  Travel Daegu with K-Travel Bus!    

Now you don't need to have trouble any more to find a way to visit Daegu from outside of the city. Why? Because K-Travel Bus service is launched from March 25th 2016 for foreign tourists convenience!

K-Travel Bus, an overnight tour program for tourists in Korea, provides transportation, lodging, translation service, and pre-arranged travel courses for foreigners in Korea. For this year including Daegu, Seoul, Gang-won, Jeon-nam, and Gyeong-buk 8 cities are participated. However, the operating areas will be extended to the national range.

You can make reservations by visiting K-travel Bus website ( or calling 1600-7882.

■ K-Travel Bus Daegu Tour Course
Bus schedule : 2016.March~December / 1 time a week (Fri~Sat) / 1Bus

Daegu K-Travel Bus Schedule
(Unique City Experience Tour)
Seoul → Seomun Market → Daegu Modern Streets → Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Museum (Oriental Medicine Experience Programs) → Kim Gwangseok-gil Street or Dongseongno street → Apsan Observatory (Complete View)
Day 2
(Oriental Medicine Beauty Tour)
Gatbawi Rock Tracking → Guam Farm Stay Experience → DTC Textile Museum → Seoul

*English Website:
*Tourists should pay for meals and traveler’s insurance additionally.
*Minimum Number of Participants: 4 adults; If this requirement is not met, the tour is expected to be canceled, refunding fees to customers in full.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

[Event] Samsung Lions Park Quiz Event Winner Announcement

[ Samsung Lions Park Quiz Event Winner Announcement ]

Thanks to everyone who entered the quiz event and congratulations to the winners!

The winners of the event, please send us a private Facebook message with your name, mobile number, size of your T-shirt and cap, and address by March 27th (Sun) for prize delivery.

* Winning prize will be invalid unless you send us your information by March 27th.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Old Korean folk villages in Daegu: The Otgol Village

Old Korean folk villages in Daegu: The Otgol Village

Otgol Village is a place for people who want to experience the beauty of old Korean style traditional house. The tranquil, and historical site is located in Daegu, near Mt.Palgongsan. Otgol Village consists of old hanok houses owned by the clan of Gyeongju Choi for nearly 400 years since the Chosun Dynasty. The village is also designated as a historical cultural properties No.266.

Its distinctive squared structure is unusual construction comparing with other Head houses of clans, therefore it has been considered as a valuable historical reference by researchers who study Korean old house.  

Aside from the historical meanings, the village also has great landscape showing beautiful harmony of nature and traditional constructions.

In the village there is a 350 year old  Korean locust tree which has been believed as a kind of three that drive out demons of a village. 

On spring season you can see the village with beautiful flower blossom such as   apricot flowers, cherry blossoms, and forsythia! If you want to enjoy a peaceful spring day out in Daegu Otgol Village could be one of your choices.

The Otgol Village


-Address: 195-5, Otgol-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu
- Bus : Dongu3 (동구3) / Get off the bus at Gyeongju Choi clan which is the last stop of Dongu3
-Admission Fees : Free
-Available Facilities : Otgol traditional culture learning center
-Parking Fees : Free

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[Press Article] We’re running in Daegu!

I’ve just signed up for the Daegu International Marathon 2016 - with my wife and two young daughters. In a few weeks, we will be running for the first time in a Daegu marathon since we moved here two years ago.

Photo lifted from 2016 Daegu International Marathon website.
Anticipation abounds because spring is on the threshold and the weather is beckoning us outdoors. Running this race is like saying “we’re back” into the fold, like a flight of birds back from the winter escape.

This is not our first time running together as a family though. We’ve run a couple of times at the Gyeongju International Marathon, and each time a reminder of running as our life’s metaphor. While we usually stay together for the first mile of the race, we eventually run our own paces and get reunited at the finish.  I usually cross the finish line first, so I get to wait eagerly as my wife and daughters come down the homestretch, cheering them on as they’ve always been for me.

My daughters at the 2013 Gyeongju International Marathon.
The race starts and ends right at the heart of the city, at the Gukchaebosang Memorial Park, and traverses around downtown area, Su-seong district, and many other places that showcase the wonders of Daegu. Along the routes, runners will get to enjoy the sights of Sincheon River, the bridges that span across it, and Daegu’s urban landmarks. Treading on the roads and hearing only the rhythmic breathing and footsteps beside us will surely make us beaming on race day. We don’t get to experience that on a normal day, and one can see the beautiful sights along the way only through the car or bus windows.

For many elite runners, the prize that waits at the finish, apart from the international recognition, puts the drive in their belly. Last year, Ethiopians sweep at the race. Men’s winner Girmay Birhanu Gebru, who wore bib number 1 lived up to his number, clocking in at 2:07:26. Women’s winner Meselech Melkamu Haileyesus ran an impressive 2:27:24 to her victory.

But we’re not in for the race; we’re running to accomplish something together as a family. And the life lessons imparted by running aren’t exclusive for the talented pros, anyhow. It holds the same for us, for everyone. Life is so much like a marathon; you get to cross the finish line by holding on despite the pain and fatigue.

So in a few weeks, we’re back on track, to prove to ourselves once again that running to the finish line is not about speed. It’s more about endurance and perseverance. And we need that in life as well.

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Opening Day of Daegu Samsung Lions Park

The Opening Day of Daegu Samsung Lions Park

Last Saturday, March 19th, there was an opening ceremony of Daegu’s new baseball stadium- Daegu Samsung Lions Park! A large crowd of people of all ages who love Samsung Lions and Daegu gathered with excitement to see their brand new baseball stadium.

Kids wearing blue caps are Daegu City’s the first members of Kids Press which founded March, this year. They also visited Samsung Lions Park to cover the opening ceremony as the youngest reporters of Daegu.

When it comes to baseball park, you can’t never  forget the  food! Samsung Lions Park have a variety of take-out food courts on 2nd and 3rd floor. Some franchise fast food restaurants, a locally famous brand fried chicken stand, and some other kind of quick and simple snacks are available on 3rd floor. On 2nd floor it has more food stands in a food court named ‘Food Street’. In Food Street, you can have your food sitting on a table as well. Stop by the Food Street and try some of its great food!

For the opening ceremony one of top-ranked cheerleader teams in Korea, and many celebrities including K-pop star ‘Yeoja-chingu (Girlfriend)’ were coming to make the ceremony more cheerful and festive.  After all congratulatory speeches and performances the last but not least event of the opening ceremony, a goodwill baseball game by Samsung Lions and Celebrity Baseball Team consisting of Korean TV stars were held.   

Daegu’s new baseball stadium opened successfully with the glare of public attention of Daegu citizens. As a new landmark of Daegu City, Samsung Lions Park will be a proud baseball field with its new identity providing great facility for everyone including Samsung Lions  and Daegu citizens.


-Address: 1, Yagujeonseol-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
-Subway: Line2,  Daegu Grand Park Station Exit 4 or Exit 5 (1min distance by walk)
-Bus: 349,449,724,수성3(Suseong 3), 수성3-1 (Suseong3-1)
-Parking: Available

Photos: Daegu Citizen Press