Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Enjoy Beautiful Spring in Daegu

You can enjoy beautiful spring everywhere in Daegu

Spring are budding across the country! Daegu is celebrating this season as well. Temperatures rise, and people are now wearing bright and light clothes. 

So here are beautiful spring pictures of Daegu that would definitely make you feel happy! - Photos of roads with full blossoms of spring flowers.

Geumhogang Riverside road (Dong-gu Jijeo-dong)

Geumhogang Riverside Road (Buk-gu Sangyeok-dong)

Duryu Park

Kkotbora Dongsan (Near Gyeongbuk provincial government building)

Apsan Soon-hwan doro (Apsan Beltway)

Keymyung University

Palgongsan Soon-hwanro (Palgongsan Beltway)

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  1. hi. can you give me direction toGeumhogang riverside road and kkotbora Dongsan??