Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Old Korean folk villages in Daegu: The Otgol Village

Old Korean folk villages in Daegu: The Otgol Village

Otgol Village is a place for people who want to experience the beauty of old Korean style traditional house. The tranquil, and historical site is located in Daegu, near Mt.Palgongsan. Otgol Village consists of old hanok houses owned by the clan of Gyeongju Choi for nearly 400 years since the Chosun Dynasty. The village is also designated as a historical cultural properties No.266.

Its distinctive squared structure is unusual construction comparing with other Head houses of clans, therefore it has been considered as a valuable historical reference by researchers who study Korean old house.  

Aside from the historical meanings, the village also has great landscape showing beautiful harmony of nature and traditional constructions.

In the village there is a 350 year old  Korean locust tree which has been believed as a kind of three that drive out demons of a village. 

On spring season you can see the village with beautiful flower blossom such as   apricot flowers, cherry blossoms, and forsythia! If you want to enjoy a peaceful spring day out in Daegu Otgol Village could be one of your choices.

The Otgol Village


-Address: 195-5, Otgol-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu
- Bus : Dongu3 (동구3) / Get off the bus at Gyeongju Choi clan which is the last stop of Dongu3
-Admission Fees : Free
-Available Facilities : Otgol traditional culture learning center
-Parking Fees : Free