Friday, April 29, 2016

Daegu Colorful Festival 2016 - Colorful Chalk Art

Daegu Colorful Festival 2016 - Colorful Chalk Art

When: 2016. 5. 7 (Sat) 1:00pm - 5:00pm

On-Site Registration:

1. Arrive at one of the coloring sections by 12:30
(See the numbers of the map above and choose a section among 1~14)
2. Register at a registration booth.
3. After registration, chalks and wet wipes will be given.   
4. Start coloring at 1:00pm in your section.

Colorful Daegu Festival Websites

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Daegu Dalgubeol Lantern Festival 2016

Daegu Dalgubeol Lantern Festival 2016

To celebrate Buddha's  Birthday lantern festivals are held in many cities in Korea during this season. Daegu also has held its own lantern festival every year in honor of Buddha’s birth.

Sky Lantern Flying 
When: April 30 (Sat) 7:00pm @Duryu baseball park (in Duryu Park)
*The registration of lantern flying is closed. Only entrance is available.

Lantern Parade
When: April 30 (Sat) 8:00pm~11:00pm
Parade Route:
Duryu Baseball Park - Duryu Junction - Bangogae Junction - Shinnam Junction - Gyesan five way intersection - Banwoldang Junction

■ Official Website: (KOREAN)
■ Photos: Dalgubeol Lantern Festival website

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Meet Min Hee, Daegu City’s the youngest Blog Press member!

Hi everyone! I would like to introduce Min Hee. She is one of the newest members of Daegu’s Social Media Press.  She is a five-year old girl. Her father is an American and her mother is Korean. She was born in Daegu.  I asked her a few questions about herself and here are the things she would like you to know.

Min Hee, what is your favorite color?  ”Pink!”

What are your favorite foods? ”Cookies and tomatoes.”
What is your favorite number?  ”Two.”

Why is two your favorite number? ”I like two.”   
Where is your favorite place to go?  ”The playground.  There are so many friends there. ”
What is your favorite TV show? ”Princess Sophia”
You are a Citizen Reporter.  What do you want to do as a Citizen Reporter? ”I want to take pictures and send them to my grandma in Gyoungi-Do and Nana and grandpa Popcorn in New York. ”

How do you like to travel around Daegu?  ”With mommy and daddy on the Daegu City Tour windy ( she means the double-decker, open-top bus ) bus.”

What was the most fun you had in Daegu? ”We went somewhere with kids and hotdogs and people.” ( This was the Colorful Festival in downtown Daegu. )

What else do you like? “Fish earrings and funny earrings and banana earrings.”
If you could go anywhere in Daegu and spend the day, where would you go and what would you do? “ I like kids cafes! So many friends there and there is fun.”
Any other places? “I like daddy-daughter adventures and duck boats.”

Is there anything you want to tell the readers? “Jelly beans and gummi bears. Because, every people think they are delicious.”
Is that it? “ I like pretty clothes. I like when people say I look pretty.”

Min Hee and I hope you will get out and see the city.  We hope to highlight some well-known places and introduce a few lesser known places.  We hope you will enjoy our posts and share them with your friends and family here in Daegu or back home.

Min Hee also has a dedicated facebook page named 'Where in Daegu is Min Hee?' Please go to her page and click the LIKE button. This way you can keep up with her adventures more often.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

List of Festivals in Daegu 2016

Photo: Colorful Festival Colorful Parade 2015

List of Festivals in Daegu 2016


Spring Festival

․Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Culture Festival
․Colorful Daegu Festival
․Dongseongro Street Festival
․Fashion Jewerly Week
․Chimac Festival
․ Youth Hiphop Festival
․ International Horror Theatre Festival
․ Youth Hiphop Festival
․International Bodypainting Festival
Art & Musical
․ International Musical Festival
․ International Opera Festival
․ Daegu Photo Biennale


Monday, April 25, 2016

Opening Ceremony of Daegu Social Media Supporters & Blog Press 2016!

Daegu City's Social Media Supporters and Blog Press members attended the opening ceremony last April 23, at Daegu City Hall. For this year, Daegu City picked 70 Daegu citizens and 50 foreigners (English channel 25, Chinese channel 25) as 2016 Social Media Supporters and Blog Press. Also, the team is consist of diverse age group and occupations.

Members are registering for the event.

This year Daegu City picked a 6-year-old girl as a Press member, who is the youngest member of Daegu Social Media Press ever!

Press and Supporters card, some souvenirs, and the letter of appointment were given to the each attendee.

To celebrate its 5th year working with Social Media supporters and press, rice cake with number 5 on it were prepared as refreshment.

 All supporters and press members met each other at the ceremony and got mingle with their fellow members.

Welcome Daegu City's new Blog Press and Online Supporters! We look forward to running Daegu City's Social Media with you!

Weekly Weather Forecast

Check the weather forecast in Daegu and get ready for the week! 

Friday, April 22, 2016

[Festival] Daegu Earth Day Festival

Daegu Earth Day Festival April 24! 
Many Earth Day celebration events are held in Daegu this weekend! Check the schedule and join the festival.  

●Children's Art Displaying
Children's cute drawings that show imaginary green city they want to live in are displayed on a wall.

●Bus-King Festival
Bands and artists will perform their own songs about Earth and green environment!   

When: 2016.04.24(Sun) / 13:00-20:00
Where: Bus stop near CGV Daegu Academy
Organized by: Indie053

●Green Artphalt
Grab a chalk! Draw on the car free street! You can also enjoy cool chalk artworks drawn by artists.

When: 2016.04.24(Sun) / 13:00-17:00
Where: Street near Jungangno Station Exit2
Organized by: Indie053

●Other events of the day
-Unique bicycle exhibition
-Upcycling products making
-Ttakji competition (Korean traditional paper slap-match)
-Social Enterprise Expo
-Green Cafe Zone

Photos: Citizen Press & Daegu Earth Day Festival Website 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Colorful tulips at Samunjin Naru (Samunjin Ferry)

Visit Samunjin Naru where you can enjoy beautiful tulips in Daegu! On spring season, there are plenty of great places full of cherry blossoms, however, areas full of tulip flowers are unusual.

Look! Many people visited Samunjin Naru for a spring outing with their family and friends even though it was a cloudy day when the photos were taken.

It was not the best day to visit because of the bad weather but still it was beautiful. Imagine how great it would be on a sunny day!

Totem poles and Korean traditional straw-thatched cottages! Those white papers hanging near a tree are wish papers written by visitors.

If you're hungry I recommend you to try the food here Samunjin Ju-mak Chon! As you see many people are having food with Makgeolli. You see a small metal kettle on a table? That's Makgeolli. Just go inside one of tents, take a seat and order food that you want to try.

The most popular menu you can have at Samunjin Naru is Gook-su (noodle) and Pa-jeon (Korean pancake)! Makgeolli and Pa-jeon is a good food combination that Koreans commonly have.

A lady is making a Pa-jeon. She looked very busy to cook for many visitors.

 Tofu with spicy cabbage salad and seaweed is another popular menu. It not only tastes good but also nutritious.

Gukbap (Hot soup with rice) and Dotori Muk (acorn jellied food)

All food at Samunjin are made of local produce and the price is reasonable. Therefore, sometimes you have wait times!

The ticket office for boat riding was also crowded.

Colorful tulips, boat riding, nice local food... There are many reasons to visit Samunjin Naru!

Samunjin Naru

-Address : 40-18 Samunjin-ro, Hawawon-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

-Bus: Dalseo3 (달서 3)