Friday, April 1, 2016

Feeling tired in Spring? Tips for getting over Spring Fever.

Spring has sprung! Beautiful flowers, warm sunny days, and the light breeze will make you feel pleasant. But somehow you feel sleepier than usual on day time. Don't you? This drowsiness is a natural symptom caused by our physical system.

The term for this seasonal tiredness is 'Spring fever'. You have spring fever because when a long cold winter ends, your life style also changes with the change in season. Daylight has become longer in Spring and it affects our body to try to adjust the hormone levels which causes the tiredness. 

“Have a regular lifestyle”
According to doctors, the best way to lessen your tiredness is keep your regular lifestyle behaviors of sleep, exercise, and hydration.

"Get enough nutrition and water"
A good way to overcome spring fatigue is taking enough nutrients, vitamins, and enough water.  Try to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat small amounts of nuts, seeds, and grains will help you to get vitamin B1. And water cleanses your body and boosts metabolism.

“Do moderate exercise”
Another good way to boost your energy on spring is moderate exercise! Taking a 20-30 minute walk is effective in increasing your energy level. In Daegu you have many good places for short walk while enjoying beautiful scenery such as Suseongmot lake, Duryu park, and Bong-mu park.

Also you can make a quick visit to Yangnyeong park in Yangnyeongsi Market to try unusual walking experience! In Yangnyeongsi street there is a foot acupressure road. Take off your shoes and walk on the road. It not only feels good but also good for your blood circulation.

Have a frisky and vibrant Spring, Everyone!

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