Monday, April 25, 2016

Opening Ceremony of Daegu Social Media Supporters & Blog Press 2016!

Daegu City's Social Media Supporters and Blog Press members attended the opening ceremony last April 23, at Daegu City Hall. For this year, Daegu City picked 70 Daegu citizens and 50 foreigners (English channel 25, Chinese channel 25) as 2016 Social Media Supporters and Blog Press. Also, the team is consist of diverse age group and occupations.

Members are registering for the event.

This year Daegu City picked a 6-year-old girl as a Press member, who is the youngest member of Daegu Social Media Press ever!

Press and Supporters card, some souvenirs, and the letter of appointment were given to the each attendee.

To celebrate its 5th year working with Social Media supporters and press, rice cake with number 5 on it were prepared as refreshment.

 All supporters and press members met each other at the ceremony and got mingle with their fellow members.

Welcome Daegu City's new Blog Press and Online Supporters! We look forward to running Daegu City's Social Media with you!

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