Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Journey Back to the Roots

As you know, Korea is a very mountainous country with a variety of flora and fauna so there is a deep history of foraging. Sometimes you may even see older Koreans take pride in their hobby of foraging herbs, plants, and digging for roots. To learn more about the types of vegetation indigenous to the country, you can visit the YangnyeongsiOriental Medicine Museum.

The museum has two entrance gates. It is located along Namseong-ro Road, which was also known as Yakjeon the “Medicine Alley”.

The DaeguYangnyeongsi(medicine market)was the first of the three traditional medicine markets in Korea established in the 17th century, during the Chosun Dynasty. For several centuries, the medicinal markets became an important center of exchange of medicine and other goods between Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and European merchants in Korea. Today, there are numerous medicinal clinics, and herbal shops to be found in the surrounding neighbourhood.

In 1985, the Oriental Medicine Museum was opened to preserve knowledge of herbal remedies, traditional medical practices and to retain essential aspects of traditional culture.What is wonderful about this museum is that there are plenty of hands-on workshops which are fun and suitable for all ages.

Ginseng root is a very popular and widely available product in Korea, and has been gaining recognition in other countries for its health benefits. It’s used for various purposes and is available in many forms including tea, cookies, candies, and gum. There are four common ginseng products that undergo specific processes before they are placed on the market.

Medicinal and herbal teas are used to prevent and treat common diseases and infections. The teas are brewed from the roots, fruit, and bark of various plants. The medicine shops don’t sell tree bark for nothing. It can actually boost your immune system and decrease blood pressure!

Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Museum
■ Address: 51-1, Namseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu

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