Friday, May 27, 2016

Cheonggyesa, a hidden gem

Cheonggyesa, a tiny jewel box temple in Daegu, is a little-known find that’s nestled in a peaceful nook of Mt. Daedeok.  

Visiting this beautiful temple is a worthwhile afternoon’s walk, starting from the park behind Daegu Stadium.

The road leading to Cheonggyesa offers some lovely surprises, and it’s no wonder that the area is a favorite among locals who want to escape the city’s bustle and enjoy the outdoors.

You’ll begin your walk up the mountain from Daegu Stadium’s park. The Cine World Cup drive-in movie theater (씨네월드컵) will be on your right. About half-way to the temple, you’ll reach a stunning reservoir, which is a perfect place to pause for photos and refreshments. Depending on the season, you might spy some wildlife — the author caught sight of a pair of Eurasian kestrels overhead.

During Buddha’s birthday, colorful lanterns adorn the path all the way up to the temple.  In warm weather, you’ll likely see groups of people camping and picnicking along the creek that runs parallel to the road.

Climbing gets a bit more steep as you come closer to Cheonggyesa.  You’ll know you’re nearly there when you see a well-kept, terraced garden appear to the right. You might even start to hear the hollow tapping of the mok-tak, the wooden percussion instrument played during sutra chants.

A smiling Buddha figure will greet you at the narrow front entrance to the temple grounds.  Continue in and have a look around! The resident monks are welcoming.  Explore the temple, see the pagoda, and look for a metal footbridge at the far end of the property.  In fine weather, you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities.

- Directionsto Cheonggyesa:
1. Bus : 403, 609 or 939 → Get off at Daegu stadium → 30 min walk to Cheonggyesa.
2. Walking: At the park behind Daegu Stadium, find the signs toward Cheonggyesa. As you walk along the path, you will pass Cine World Cup drive-in movie theater on the right.  The road will get a little more steep as you approach the temple.

Address : 626, Daeheung-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

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