Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Restoring Nature (Daegu Arboretum)

Restoring Nature
Take a stroll through the Daegu Arboretum or consider having a nice picnic in a spacious park. The landscape of the park has an impressive design and is very well maintained. It is located at the far west end of Subway Line 1. Get off at Daegok station exit 2 or 3. There are signs that lead towards the park. It’s about a 1.5km walk to the entrance of the Arboretum.

There are dozens of botanical gardens to explore there. You can see the ancient bonsai trees leading up to the greenhouses, peculiar and gigantic cacti, and the enticing papaya trees. This area holds over 1000 species of unique trees and plants.

As you keep walking, the trail routes lead you to an abundance of wild flowers, herbs, and ponds. The spring season is an ideal time for a visit. Many of the flowers in the park features are in full bloom.

You can find trees of native and foreign origins. During my visit I stumbled upon bountiful bamboo grovesand the enchanting American Smoke Tree.

What is significant about this area of land is that it was once a large landfill that operated from 1986 to 1990. To bring value to the damaged ecosystem and a real estate market in decline, the city government implemented a project of restoration and created this haven for diverse biota.

Today, the Arboretum enriches the local environmental and serves as a public space for students and urban residents to relax, enjoy, and appreciate nature. It’s definitely one of Daegu’s hidden gems and well worth visiting.

- Hours: 9AM - 6PM or until 7 PM during summer season (June-August).
- Address: 342, Hwaam-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
- Website for more information:
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