Friday, July 29, 2016

Daegu Chimac Festival 2016

The Daegu Chimac Festival back for its 5 day celebration of one of the best things in Daegu, fried chicken! “Chimac” or Chicken and beer is a staple part of the diet of most Koreans and foreigners who live in Korea. With its various delicious tastes and flavours offered by different brands it has become a part of Korean culture, playing a big part in Korean TV dramas and films.
The opening ceremony on Wednesday was really fun. There were endless booths of different brands chicken lining the streets of Duryu park and the surrounding areas. One of my favourite brands, DDangDDang chicken (땅땅치킨), seems to have a really big presence at this years festival which made me very happy ^^.
As well as Korean fried chicken brands, there are lots of other stalls where you can find other types of chicken too. One booth offers American style fried chicken, chips and waffles. They will also give you free fans and small goodies as you take a look around.
Most of the bigger booths hold small events where you can win free water, soft drinks and chicken! Sometimes just being a foreigner will bag you some free chicken, the staff approached me several times to give me directions to free chicken.

There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy your chicken and beer scattered around the different venues. For a simple small can or cup of Cass beer it will cost 2,000 won, which is very affordable. 
If you fancy something a little more interesting then you can head to the craft beer and ale booths near the 2.28 memorial. There are some really good beers on offer for about 4-6,000 won per cup. 
There is lots of entertainment on the main stage from about 7:30 – 10pm. Famous K-pop groups will be attending every day and every night until around 10pm has a DJ playing EDM music.  The opening ceremony had performances from an American army band, Sistar and ZE:A.
 The Chimac Festival is open every day until Sunday the 31st of July. Don’t miss out on the fun this weekend!

During the opening day I saw 4 or 5 people being carried out by the security staff. They all looked like they had passed out, probably due to the combination of the heat and alcohol. Daegu is very hot these days so make sure to drink enough water while enjoying the festival. 

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