Monday, July 25, 2016

Junggu’s Walking Tour (and the walking tour free app)

One great way to see the sights scattered around downtown Daegu is to grab a map or download the app Junggu’s Walking Tour, both are free. The paper maps are located at any Tourist Information Booth downtown.  There are several different courses and the app has an interactive map that will ( using your phones GPS ) show your location in relation to the locations.

There are also maps and markers mounted in various locations to assist you in locating places you will want to see.

There are so many photo opportunities to be had along the way and not just at designated hot spots.  I am continuously learning about different locations and history of Daegu thanks to being a member of the Daegu Social Media Press.

One of the courses has stamps for the map.  It is course two. Some of you may also have a stamp book to record the places you have visited.  The app also can give you an electronic stamp when you are at the location ( using GPS on a smart device ).  If you are looking for the actual stamps, look for the small house shaped boxes as seen in the photo above. My daughter sometimes points them out when we are wandering downtown.  Keep your eyes open!

Some of the boxes with the stamps are not affixed to the actual historical locations.  They do not want to damage historical sites as several of the locations are designated cultural assets of Korea.  So, if you can’t find the stamp right away, do not give up!

Many of the locations have modern interactive devices to learn more about the history of each site.  My daughter Min Hee likes the music at this location.  There are some places where you can take pictures and send them to you own email for downloading. Some sites also allow you to dress up for photos as well.

What really interests me is that all of these sites are surrounded by modern city life.  Some of the buildings have been restored, but the fact that they are in their original location with artifacts from the original owners, is very cool!

We hope to see you out there visiting the many historical locations in our beautiful city.  As always, if you happen to see us, please say hi!  We really enjoy our weekends wandering in the city when we are not out hiking the mountains, we think you will enjoy the sights and sounds of Colorful Daegu as well.

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