Thursday, July 28, 2016

Look out for Legionella!

It's been a very hot summer, every building is on full power with their A/C trying to keep cool. Because of this there are a few things to look out for, with the increase of A/C usage there is a higher chance of 'Legionella'.

What is Legionella?

On the CDC website it says that Legionella is a bacterium found naturally in freshwater environments, like lakes and streams, it can become a health concern if it spreads in the human-made water systems such as hot tubs that aren't drained after each use, hot water tanks and heaters, large plumbing systems, cooling towers(mainly in Large building air-conditioning units and decorative fountains.

Most healthy people do not get sick after being exposed to Legionella,
However the people at risk are:
* People 50 years or older
*Current or former smokers
*People with a chronic lung disease
*People with a weak immune system from diseases like cancer, diabetes, or kidney failure

*People who take drugs that suppress (weaken) the immune system.

Right now Daegu is checking big buildings, hospitals, large bath houses, homes for the elderly and fountains to make sure they are free of Legionella. There has been a few incidents of Legionella, in a routine check up on 14 cases, 4 of them were confirmed to be legionella, and right now there are 145 more check-ups on their way. 

Keep your house clean and dry, and prevent this from spreading. If you are clean and make sure you are aware and trying your best to prevent this you will be fine. Keep your filters clean on the A/C and make sure there isn't water just lying around. I hope you have a cool summer and see you soon.

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