Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Daegu Chimac Festival and upcoming summer festivals in Daegu

Chimac Festival

Starting July 27th Wed until the 31st of July for 5 days there is going to be a huge chicken and beer festival in Duryu park, Peace market and E world. There is going to be 92 companies with 222 booths with crazy events that include beer competitions and such. Also there is going to be a city water slide which is going to be amazing so don't miss out.

Around Duryu Park, various themed zones located including chicken&beer live pub(at the parking lot of February 28 Democratic Movement Memorial Monument) and chicken&beer picnic hill(at outdoor music hall).


The program continuing from 12pm to 10pm during the  festival period. If you want to see all the programs, click the link here ▶

As time went by, the fever of festival is getting hotter and hotter!

If you can't join the festival but you really eager to, don't be disappointed! There is a good chance you can see the site of festival! Chimac Festival will be broadcasted on the Daegu Korean Facebook, so you can watch the show in real time. Here is the link of Daegu Korean Facebook page ▶

More information
Tel.  053-248-9998

Daegu Horror Festival

Another event starting on July 27th until the 31st is going to be help at the Daegu Olympic Stadium. There will be a veriety of performances with cool challenges. There is also an awesome Zombie run that will be help there on the 30th of July.

T. 053-628-7463

Daegu Folk Festival

The Daegu Folk festival will be held from August 5th until the 7th for three days. It will be held at the Kolon Outdoor Musical hall, Kim Gwang Seok road, Suseong Lake and Dongseongro. There is going to be the best performers of the folk genre from all over Korea. This will be a very unique and fun experience.

T. 053-626-2015

Go Well Daeguro Hiphop Festival

On August 6th Saturday in the secondary stadium for the Daegu World Cup Stadium, Look like the tickets are already sold out in June but It's maybe something to check out next year. Famous teams In Korea are performing with 45 different performers. This will be one of those really spectacular events.
T.  070-7801-3111

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