Monday, August 8, 2016

2016 Daegu DTRO Stamp Rally!

This short stamp rally will be easy to complete.  There are a total of fourteen possible stamps to collect.  Each individual only needs to collect eight to be eligible to enter.  Here are the station names and destinations translated into English.

Steps to be followed are also translated into English to make it easier for those with limited Korean abilities.

1. Go to the tourist attraction and snap a photo.

2. Go back to the subway station designated for that tourist attraction.  For example, Kyounpook National University Hospital station is the place you will receive the stamp for Kin Kwang Seok Road.  Show the staff member in the station your photo, give them your booklet, receive your stamp and you are all set.

3. After you have at least eight stamps ( Three stamps from destinations on line 1, three from line 2 and 2 from line 3 )

4. You will need your contact information when you turn in the booklet at either Myoungdeok station or Banwoldang station customer information booth.  

It is important to finish the stamp collecting and turn in the booklet by the 31st of August.

On the 12th of September 150 people will be chosen randomly from all those who completed the DTRO Stamp Rally.  Those chosen will be contacted and asked to pick up their prizes before the 30th of September.

Let’s get out there and get some stamps!

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