Tuesday, August 30, 2016

[Daegu Dialects] Let's learn Daegu dialects!

In standard Korean language, 'eoksu(억수)' means heavy rain. It is a combined word of eok(100 million), and su(water), so literally the word stands for 100 million raindrops.

However, in Daegu and Gyeongbuk province, we also use a word 'eoksu' as an adverb eoksu-ro(억수로), which means 'very'.

So let's practice with the following examples. :)

1. It is very delicious!
(Seoul ver.) Aju ma-sit-ta. (아주 맛있다)
(Daegu ver.) Eoksu-ro ma-sit-ta. (억수로 맛있다)

2. I feel very sick
(Seoul ver.) Na man-yi apa-yo. (나 많이 아파요)
(Daegu ver.) Na eoksu-ro apa-yo. (나 억수로 아파요)

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