Monday, August 1, 2016

Daegu Shooting Range: Now Opens at Night!

It's been getting hot these days and the only way to do things is at night, the Daegu shooting range is now open at night and have many more things to offer this summer.
They will be starting water gun tag, which is safe for kids and anybody who participates and something to enjoy in this hot weather. 

There is also going to be a shooting competition with singles and also family, the types being air guns, pistols, and screen shooting for the singles. For the family round, pistols for the father, air rifle for the mother and screen shooting for the kids. there will be some awesome prizes waiting so don't miss it.

Time to shoot out some of you stress and heat. There will be a lot more events on the day so hope to see you there!

Daegu Shooting Range Night Open

From July 23th to August 15th Every night/ Open until 10p.m.
T. 053-312-0000

Check the map below for an idea where it is or type in 대구사격장 in google for more information.

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  1. Is the range open any hours during fall and winter? I'm mostly looking for pistol ranges.