Thursday, August 25, 2016

Daegu Subway Line 1 Gets Longer!

The extension of subway line 1, which was initiated back in June 2010, is done after six years of construction and will start operating upcoming September 8th. To celebrate the opening of the new two stations, Hwawon and Seolhwa-li, an opening ceremony will be held on September 8th with around 600 people including regional political figures and community members of Hwawon.

The extension have made the line 1 to have total of 32 stations, and became 30.92 kilometers long. Adding two new station is expected to offer Hwawon-eup community an improvement in traffic environment as well as some positive impacts on the economy of Daegu.

Mayor of Daegu, Kwon, Young-jin, expressed thanks to those who have worked for extending Line 1 and also to the citizens who endured inconvenience and noise caused by the construction.

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