Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dinosaur Footprints in Daegu!

Did you know that with only a 20 minute bus ride from downtown Daegu you could be at a place where you can see dinosaur footprints? It is called Gosangol that they have actual dinosaur footprints there, not one of those made up ones. 

There is a little parking lot for Gosangol and there are signs guiding you to where the footprints are, it isn't hard to find if you follow the signs. These foot prints are dated back 1 trillion years ago the footprints you will see are of a dinosaur that has three toes and roughly 20 ~ 30 in diameter.

Scientists tell us that in prehistoric times Daegu was a big lake and I assume if that is true, these foot prints are of aquatic dinosaurs which is really cool in my opinion.

Cool to think that such a long time ago dinosaurs walked on those rocks, and just think that was 1 trillion years ago...... Also in the area there are cool trails to walk and who knows you might find some foot prints that nobody else found?

Check the map below for an idea where they are and for more information type in 고산골 입구 into google maps for more information.

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