Friday, August 5, 2016

Escape the Heat at Sutaegol Valley

During the hot summer months, do as the locals do and get away to Sutaegol Valley, where an ice-cold stream provides a refreshing way to escape the heat.  Located in Palgongsan’s lush mountain valley, this natural pool is a great way to cool off and enjoy nature at the same time.
Sutaegol Valley, one of Mt. Palgong’s most well-known hiking trails, is especially popular in the summer due to the fact that the trail runs alongside a chilly stream with gentle waterfalls that spill over mossy boulders.  Large, broad rocks covered by shady trees make it the perfect place to lay down a picnic blanket or set up a day tent.
The trail to the stream is mostly flat with ample tree coverage providing protection from the sun.  If you’re looking for a place to dip your feet, you only need to walk a few minutes before an opening at the side of the trail leads down to the stream.  Choose a patch of soft dirt or a smooth rock, spread out a mat, dangle your feet in the cold water, and relax the day away.
If solitude is what you seek, follow the stream until you find a secluded spot with its own private swimming hole.  Chill your beverages, watermelon, or bags of fruit purchased from one of the local vendors at the beginning of the trail in the icy water.  By the time you need a break from floating lazily in the clear, frigid natural pools, the drinks and fruit will be perfectly, and naturally chilled.
With such close proximity to the city, Sutaegol Valley makes a perfect day trip to escape the summer heat.  Top off a relaxing day of hiking, and dipping feet in water, with dinner at one of the many nearby outdoor cafes and a trip via cable car to the top of Mt. Palgong to catch the sunset.

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Address:1037-10 Palgongsan-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu
Directions: Sutaegol Valley is easily accessible by car or via public transportation.  On weekdays, take the Rapid 1 and get off at the Donghwa Area stop, which is one stop after the Donghwasa Temple stop.  From here it’s about a 20 minute, 1.5km walk along the main road.  You will pass the Safety Theme Park and a couple of hotels until you see a large sign on your right for the Sutaegol Valley parking lot.  On weekends and holidays, transfer to the Palgong 3 bus from Donghwa.  The Palgong 3 bus runs every 40 minutes and will take you to the Sutaegol parking lot entrance.
Facilities: Two parking lots near the park entrance as well as overflow parking just up the street.  Multiple bathrooms on site and near the stream.  You can pick up snacks or food to go to one of the many restaurants, shops, farm stands, or convenience stores on the way to Sutaegol Valley.
Cost: Free


  1. How can I go there from Kyungpook National University, main gate? How much time to hike and reach the Sutaegol Valley (natural water stream)?

    1. Hi there :) Here's how to get to Sutaegol from KNU main gate: 1) Take Rapid6(급행6) 2)Take off at Bongmu Cheonggu Saedeul maeul(봉무청구새들마을앞) 3)Transfer to Palgong1(팔공1) 4)Take off at Palgong Student Camping ground (팔공학생 야영장앞). You need to walk about 20 minutes from the bus stop to get to Sutaegol Valley.