Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Free Bicycle Repair Centres along Sincheon River

Riding along Shincheon is a great way to spend these sunny afternoons. If you ride your bike often enough you are sure to run into a few problems along the way. Luckily, Daegu City provides three repair centres along Sincheon. All free of charge.
They are manned and open from 10am to around 4pm everyday except Sunday. (The one provided by Jung-gu office is also closed on Wednesday and the Nam-gu office one on Saturday)
They also provide free water and coffee for 100 won. 
Each station has a large variety of tools to use and all have a couple of people on hand to give you some professional help. 
The workers are very friendly and willing to help. If your Korean isn’t up to scratch, it is easy enough to get by with some pointing and body language since Korean bikes are the same as any other.
They have all kinds of parts of service and most parts are free. However if you need something bigger, such as a new wheel, there will be a small charge for that. 
From north to south, here are the centres provided by Buk-gu office, Jung-gu office and Nam-gu office. 

Here are the locations of the centres.