Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hiking on a Hot Summer Day

In Gosan Valley at the base of the mountain the trail starts out lined on both sides with Meta Sequoias.  They are very pretty and very straight!
Min Hee’s dad is very safety aware.  Since the summer has gotten so hot so fast, Min Hee now carries a hydration kit.  On her back she has a bag which carries a bladder with cool ice and water.  This is connected to a hose which runs out of the bag to a clip on the shoulder harness.  At the end of the hose there is a mouth piece.  Min Hee can sip on water whenever she wants.  The bag is light and cool.
Min Hee doesn’t mind the heat to much under the cover of the forest.  She keeps going.  She knows the higher we go the cooler the air is.
She also knows the higher we go the better the view we can have of the beautiful city of Daegu.  She has been to most of the overlooks in Gosan Valley and this trail may be the best to look down into the center of the city.
 But, to get there it takes a bit of work.  This trail has four or more rope assists. They are on the trail in places where the trail is either too steep or too dangerous to climb without them.  But, all that work leads us to much more beautiful views of the valley and parts of the city.
After a long hike up we have fruit or snacks to refill our energy. Then we go to a place to have a picnic and sometimes a nappy nap with mommy!
Then we head back down into the valley and the business of city life in our lovely Colorful Daegu.  The hustle and bustle is good and important for city life, but we like to get away from it for a few hours almost every weekend.  In the next few weeks we will be visiting Gotbawi and maybe some other mountains.  We hope to see you out there hiking and enjoying the parks in and around Daegu!
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  1. Min Hee is seeing things from a view that most people will never have in their lifetime! You are a lucky girl Min Hee.❤️😍❤️