Tuesday, August 30, 2016

KAPS (Korean Animal Protection Society) Movie Time

The Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to housing, feeding and caring for stray cats and dogs. Their goal is to find new homes for all of them, but KAPS’s kindness has no expiration date, so the cats and dogs that get passed by can stay in their shelters as long as necessary.

KAPS has two branches in Daegu – one for dogs and one for cats. Now and then they host a movie event where people can drop by, watch a movie (usually about animals, of course!), and play with the kitties. There are dozens of cats big and small, friendly and skittish, and having people play with them helps to socialize the cats and make them easier to adopt out.
A few weeks ago we watched “Zootopia”, which the cats didn’t seem to care for, probably because there are no cats in the city of Zootopia. (Cats are so narcissistic.) But I didn’t watch it either; I was absorbed in a high-stakes game of “chase the hamburger” with a handful of kittens and a plush hamburger toy.

And two of them were strangely preoccupied with the strap from my camera.
The little cutie above, named Doona, broke my heart with that sad look as we were leaving. But she’s so adorable, she’ll find a forever home soon, so I’m not too worried!

The movie-watching event is held now and then, about once or twice a month. They ask for a small donation toward the running of the shelter (cat food ain’t cheap!), and if you have time you can help tidy up a bit. But the regular volunteers do a great job of keeping things livable and quite nice for the furry residents. Their efforts go a long way toward making life better for countless animals not just in Daegu but across the country.

For more information and to help at any of KAPS’s volunteer events, visit one of the following:

Facebook:  facebook.com/KAPSAnimals (English)
Naver:  cafe.naver.com/kapsvolunteer (Korean)
Website:  www.koreananimals.or.kr (Korean)


  1. Directions please :)

    1. KAPS' Daegu Dog Shelter and Cat Shelter are just down the street from Daemyoung station (Red line). Go out exit1 to get to the cat shelter and exit 4 to the dog shlter. The address is: 1623-64, Daemyeong-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu (대구광역시 남구 대명동 1623-64)