Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lake and Reservoir Series (Part 4) - Dongmyeongji

Here is our fourth lake in our four part series of the lakes and reservoirs that are a must see. Straddling the very edge of the greater Daegu area you’ll find the Neighborhood of Dongmyeong. One of the hidden jewels of Dongmyeong is the large reservoir located on the road leading up to Palgong Mountain. We saved this one for last because of the stunning views. 

 You can take a stroll around the reservoir.
 Hike through the lush trees by heading up one of the trekking course entrances near the reservoir.
 Take in views of the countryside and surrounding farms.
Enjoy the landscape.

Cafes and Restaurants: There are a few restaurants that serve Korean delicacies and even a western-style steak and pasta restaurant. For more traditional Korean meals, there are several restaurants on the way to the lake that serve Gangwon-do style clay pot rice with mountain herbs and vegetables (곤드레밥).
How to get there: How to get there: Take the skytrain to the last station, ChilgokKyungbook National University Hospital Station. Walk north from the exit, cross the street, turn left, and keep walking until you reach the first bus stop. Take bus #730, Red 3 ((급행 3), or the Chilgok 3 to Dongmyeong (동명칠곡군). Get off at Dongmyeong intersection, about a 20-25min ride from the station. 

Google map:
(동명저수지) Gyeongsangbuk-do, Chilgok-gun, Dongmyeong-myeon, Gudeok-ri

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