Friday, August 26, 2016

Out With The New and In With The Old- Going back in time!

In an area near Yeongnam University Hospital Intersection, in Nam Gu there are two new themed restaurants.  They are styled after the tents that people would frequent in the past.  These tents were mini restaurants on wheels.  Often they would roll out in the early evening hours and set up in the same place evening after evening. As they are mini and often staffed by a single worker, the menus were usually limited to a small number of items.  It was a simpler time in Korea even just fifteen years ago.  I personally love them and feel this style will grow before it goes away. 
These places were very busy and filled with people enjoying simple foods and the cool air of fans and air conditioners on the four different evenings I visited to get a feel for how they operated. The customers all seemed comfortable and enjoying their food and drink with friends or family.
The simple setting is meant to be nostalgic, but so many of the customers were younger people.  They may not have ever been in an actual tent in the past, so this is a way for them to have that experience.
Both of the restaurants opened with-in a few weeks of each other and have similar themes.  The 70s seems to be the target era.  But, the menus are more modern and the owner at one establishment said he would be updating the menu to fit customer requests and seasonal items.
In one of my visits I ran into a very lively group.  There were several different dishes on their tables and they were enjoying adult beverages with their food.  They were also happy to pose for a few pictures.  I hope they will see this post and share with their friends so more young people can have this experience.
It was fun for me each time I went in to see what had changed and each time there were different decorations to remind me of a time in my past that I was able to enjoy this experience.  I have lived in the northern part of South Korea and in Busan.  I have visited these style tents in Seoul and in the country.  They really are a lot of fun in a small package. 
I really hope you will find this an enjoyable way to spend some time with your family or friends.  It is something anyone who visits Korea should experience.  It is also a great way to make new friends.  Another thing to remember is the great photos of you eating and drinking in a street tent.

I hope this is something you will check out and maybe I will bump into you.  If I see foreigners in places I report on, I usually stop and ask what they think of the place and the food.  Maybe I will see you there!


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