Monday, August 8, 2016

Zena Holloway – the Fantasy / Exhibitions in Daegu

Zena Holloway is a world famous, self taught underwater photographer based in the UK. While learning to scuba dive at the age of 18 she became fascinated by how she felt and what she saw underwater and decided to pursue a career in underwater photography.
Her exhibition which includes some of her most famous work such as‘Angels’, ‘The Water Babies’ and ‘Swan Song’, attracted over 50,000 viewers in Seoul and has traveled around various major cities in the world. 
She has become one of the top underwater photographers in the world and has worked with many world famous brands and celebrities for global advertising campaigns.
There are around 200 pictures in the exhibition for you to enjoy. Underwater photography is particularly interesting as light and movement acts very differently than it does outside of water. 
Some of the models poses would be impossible outside, but in water she is able to create flow and movement that looks almost unreal and angelic. 
There are a few video screens throughout the exhibition where you can enjoy the process of how Zena Holloway creates her images. Her dedication to her specific art is inspiring.

On the second floor of the exhibition has ‘The Water Babies’ series of photos. You can see babies and animals in the water in ways that you have probably never seen before. 
You can also appreciate some items of clothing that were used in the photo-shoots, to get a sense of how she managed to create such stunning images. 

Where: Daegu MBC Building
When: Now until Sunday, September the 25th
Open from 11am to 8pm every day 
(10pm on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday)
Cost: 12,000won per adult / 10,000won per university student (Student ID needed) / 8,000won per under 19)

Zena Holloway - the Fantasy

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