Friday, September 30, 2016

Daegu's Aesthetic Heritage Asset - Hyunpoong 12 Jeongryo-gak

Hyunpoong 12 Jeongryo-gak, located is Dalseong-gun, is a significant cultural assets in Daegu. The structure is built in Chosun era to recognize twelve loyal subjects or devoted sons in Hyeonpoong Family. Gwak Jun, one of the twelve, fought against the Japanese troop in Imjin War and was killed with his two sons.
The teaching of 'Three Bonds and Five Relationships' in Confucianism was the primary value in Chosun society and building Jeongryeo-gak had helped Chosun to maintain their Confucian society.

-Driving Direction: Type ' 대구 달성군 현풍면 지리 1348-2' or '현풍곽씨십이정려각' in your navigation.

-Public transportation: Take Subway Line1, take off at Daegok station and go out Exit1. Transfer to bus no.600 to get 'Yong-Heung-Ji'. (It takes about 1hour and 10minutes from Daegok station)  

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Earthquake Safety Tips and Preperation

Before and earthquake or other emergency situation occurs, be prepared by asking yourself a few questions.

             How can I be prepared if I need to evacuate my home?
             Where will I go?
             What will I need when I get there?

             How can I contact family and friends to keep them informed?

A few of these questions can be answered by downloading Korea’s new free Emergency Ready App: Click

I think one of the first steps is to prepare the items you will need in the event an evacuation is needed.  Some items you may need to have ready are: 
- Clothes (dependent on the current weather)
- A few liters of water
- Small flashlight with spare batteries
- Food or snacks for at least 48 hours
- Any prescription medication you are taking
- Last but not least, identification such as photo copies of your ARC and passport. 

One final consideration should be cash.  In the event the electricity is out and may take several days to restore, you may need cash for transactions as credit cards and debit cards may not be an option.

Using the Emergency Ready App, you may be able to quickly locate an emergency shelter.  I strongly advise you to locate these buildings before you need them.  One big issue will be if cell service is interrupted or there is no electricity, you may not be able to use a smart phone or computer.  BE PREPARED!
During the Earthquake:
  • If you are inside, stay there. Safely and quickly move to a safe location in the room such as under a strong desk, a strong table, or along an interior wall. The goal is to protect yourself from falling objects and be located near the structural strong points of the room. Avoid taking cover near windows, large mirrors, hanging objects, heavy furniture, heavy appliances or fireplaces.
  • If you are cooking, turn off the stove and gas safety valve and take cover.
  • If you are outdoors, move to an open area where falling objects are unlikely to strike you. Move away from buildings, power lines, large signs and trees.
  • If you are driving, slow down and stop on the side of the road. Avoid stopping on or under bridges and overpasses, or under power lines, trees and large signs. Stay in your car.
After the Earthquake:
  • Check for injuries, attend to injuries if needed, help ensure the safety of people around you.
  • Check for damage. If your building is badly damaged you should leave it until it has been inspected by a safety professional.
  • If you smell or hear a gas leak, get everyone outside and open windows and doors. If you can do it safely, turn off the gas at the meter. Report the leak to the gas company and fire department. Do not use any electrical appliances because a tiny spark could ignite the gas.
  • If the power is out, unplug major appliances to prevent possible damage when the power is turned back on. If you see sparks, frayed wires, or smell hot insulation turn off electricity at the main fuse box or breaker. If you will have to step in water to turn off the electricity you should call a professional to turn it off for you.

Checking in with family and friends is important.  There are several ways this can be accomplished.  The easiest may be social media. It may also be the difficult if electricity is out or cell/internet service is down.  The best thing to do is stay safe and stay calm. It may take some time but service will be restored as soon as is possible.  One social media service has gone a bit further and made it easier than sending several messages.  Just check in with facebook  during emergencies.  This is by no means the only way to inform family or friends of your situation,  it is just one option.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

'Daegu Fashion Week' Starts from October 1st.

A Fashion-culture festival 'Daegu Fashion Week', offering new paradigm through the combination of fashion industry and culture, is open from October 1st to 7th at EXCO and Suseong Lake.
'2016 Daegu International Fashion Culture Market' includes brand collections and fashion shows to vitalize regional brands and fashion industry with great K-Fashion designers, K-Pop stars and famous models.

'The 14th University Student Fashion Show', one of the key event in 'Fashion View in Daegu', has over 30 participating colleges and universities not only from Korea but also from Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and China.

'Daegu Fashion Fair' offers practical business opportunity to both domestic and international buyers. Exhibitions of new products, global symposium and seminars are open for fashion and its related industry such as fabric companies.

Economic department of Daegu is planning to run various programs to foster and promote fashion brands and designers. Daegu also expects the 'Daegu Fashion Week' will help the expansion of business start-up infrastructure.

Date and Venue 
  • Ⅰ. Daegu International Fashion Culture Market - 2016. 10. 1.(Sat.)~10. 3.(Mon.) / Suseong Lake 
  • Ⅱ. Daegu International Fashion Culture Festival - 2016. 10. 3.(Mon.)~10. 7.(Fri.) / Fashion Center Outdoor Stage
  • Ⅲ. Fashion View in Daegu - 2016. 10. 3.(Mon.)~10. 7.(Fri.) / Fashion Center 2nd Floor
  • Ⅳ. Daegu Fashion Fair - 2016. 10. 5(Wed.)~10. 7(Fri.) / EXCO HALL 3

EXCO and Fashion Center (Sangyeok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu)

Suseong Lake

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hiking to Togulam Hermitage in Apsan Park

Some of Apsan’s most popular trails lead to breathtaking mountaintop views, while others - like the path to Togulam Hermitage - allow you to travel back to a magical place untouched by time. This easy off-the-beaten trail will take you through a less-traveled side of Apsan, alongside old fortress walls, and to a secluded Buddhist hermitage hidden deep in the forest.
There are a couple ways to reach Togulam Hermitage, but wanting something a little more challenging, I chose one of the uphill trails. After climbing up a series of wooden steps and then a somewhat steep rocky incline, the trail soon leveled out. I followed the remains of an old stone fortress wall as it led me deeper into the woods.
About halfway through the trail, the stone wall split to reveal a path leading up to the ruins of a fortress. I continued straight ahead until the dirt trail intersected with a roughly paved road. The breeze picked up ever so slightly, the smell of wood and burning incense, combined with the sound of water trickling melodically down river rocks, drifting gently down the trail. I passed burial mounds, some made of earth and others entirely of rock, and followed a river bed adorned with balancing rocks. 
Perched above a flowering, vine-covered wall and through an arch decorated by brightly-colored paper lanterns blowing in the breeze, was the most idyllic storybook Buddhist complex I have seen. It felt as if I had walked into another world, long since forgotten by time..  
Golden Buddhas peered down benevolently from high above, their presence instantly creating a sense of peace and calm to an already beautiful natural setting. I heard the hushed whispers of people talking and, not wanting to disturb anyone, I tiptoed around the hermitage and continued up the mountain on the path to the left. A few steps onto the trail, I realized how truly special this place was. From this vantage point, I could see a beautiful hidden grotto illuminated by dozens of flickering candles. I could only imagine how much more magical the hermitage would feel at night, glowing brightly against the backdrop of shadowy trees and midnight blue skies. 
After pausing for some time to reflect upon my surroundings, I emerged from this mystical world and returned once more to reality. 

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Trail Description: Under 5km round-trip, easy-to-moderate difficulty, depending on which direction you go. Hike uphill and continue following the stone wall on the left-hand side until the trail intersects with a paved road. Once at the paved road, you should see a sign for Togulam Hermitage. To get back, you can either return the way you came, or follow the signs for Gosangol Office until you loop back around to the start of the trail. Alternately, for a much easier and shorter (though less scenic) hike, you can hike the trail in reverse, starting from the Gosangol Office entrance.

Directions: The trail is accessed just outside the Gosangol park entrance. The entrance to the trail, as described above, is on the street that leads up to the actual park - if you have reached the path lined with trees and restaurants, you have gone too far! Follow the street to the Gosangol entrance, and there will be a break in the stone wall on the left (see above photo) with signs for the fortress, etc. Parking can be found at the Gosangol parking lot or on the street. The start of the trail begins roughly in the area indicated in the map below.

Monday, September 26, 2016

In-Daegu Autumn Dance Festival

Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

Daegu Arts Center opens 'In-Daegu Autumn Dance Festival' from September 30th to October 6th in Palgong Hall, the main theater of Daegu Arts Center. The Dance festival, with twelve participating teams, starts with invitation performance, 'Mukhyang', by National Dance Company followed by the main program designed by Kang Jeong-seon, the art director of the festival.
Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

The opening invitation performance 'Mukhyang' has reintepreted 'Gunjamu' and is a collaboration between Yoon Seong-joo, a Korean Dance Choreographer, and Jeong Koo-ho, one of the leading fashion designer. Four different colors of Mae, Nan, Guk, Juk(reprensenting plants in four seasons) are mingled with traditional dance, and music and produce beauty of Korean traditional arts. 'Mukhyang' will start at 15:30 and 20:00 on the opening day, September 30th Friday.

Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

Choi Hyun-muk, the manager of the Daegu Arts Center told, "although the genre of dance is still relatively unfamiliar to the public compared to music performances such as opera or orchestra, Daegu and the Daegu Art Center try to introduce and foster the field of art."

Ticket Reservation for Opening Ceremony
Contact: Daegu Arts Center 053-606-6133

Ticket Price: Seat S 15,000, Seat A 10,000

Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

September 30th(Fri.)

·Korean Dance - National Dance Company - 'Mukhyang'

Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

October 4th(Tue.)
·Modern Dance - Daegu Dance Group - 'Bolero'
·Ballet - Kim Yong Geol Dance Theater - 'Max Bruch Violin Concert 1-3', 'Grand Pas De Deux from 'Pirates''

·Korean Dance - 'Daegu Gugak Team - Songpoongsoowol'

Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

October 5th (Wed.)
·Korean Dance - Jang Yoo-kyung Dance Group - 'Fan Dance Bach'
·Korean Dance - Ahn Byung-ju Dance-Connection - 'Kim Baek Bong Fan Dance' & 'Kim Baek Bong Drum Dance'
·Modern Dance - Goblin Party - 'Once Upon a Time'

·Ballet - KNUA Dance Group - 'Grand Pas De Deux from 'Don Quixote''

Image Source : Daegu Arts Center

October 6th (Thurs.)
·Ballet - Woo Hye-young Ballet Group - 'Dream in Forest from 'Don Quioxote''
·Korean Dance - Lee Eun-ju Dance Group - 'Shinshi(God Time)'

·Korean&Modern Dance - 20 Male Dancers in Daegu - 'Hong-iroda'