Monday, November 7, 2016

Metro Cards, A Convenient Way to Pay Your Way in Daegu

Metro Cards, A Convenient Way to Pay Your Way in Daegu

For a small price, you can pick up one of these metro cards and quickly and conveniently pay for things such as bus rides, subway or monorail rides, public parking, toll gate fees, public phone calls or even some vending machine purchases.

They come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are standard credit card size and shape while others might be cute characters such as this bear shaped one.

Most of the cards may be purchased at Daegu Bank offices, any convenience store with the Cash Bee or T money logo displayed.  Most all kiosks near bus stops will sell them as well. I have not seen metro cards for sale inside subway stations for many years.

After you decide which type of card you want to use, you can decorate them.  I suggest only doing this on one side as it may affect the card readers’ ability to read the cards when either paying or recharging the cards.

Oh, that is one of the great things about the cards. They are rechargeable. You can generally recharge them at any place they can be purchased at and all subway and monorail stations. The cards may also be recharged at Daegu Bank ATMs.  ( I personally have never used the system though.)

When recharging at the subway or monorail stations, there are generally two types of machines.  The monorail stations and all new subway stations have the machine pictured above. They seem a bit daunting, but just follow the steps on the machine and choose English as the language.

Here are two great things about the metro cards.  First, you will receive an automatic discount over cash payments at the time you tap your card to the reader.  The discounts for buses and subways, is 100 KRW per fare. The next cool advantage is free transfer within thirty minutes of tapping your card upon disembarking from a bus or exiting a subway/monorail turnstile.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you tap your card before getting off of buses.  Otherwise the next bus or subway will have no way of reading that you are a transfer.  Also, you may not receive the free transfer if you get off of a bus with the same number that you board.  For example, you get off the 503 bus then conduct your business and then board another 503 bus.