Thursday, December 15, 2016

Bank of Korea, in Daegu, Currency Museum

Bank of Korea, in Daegu, Currency Museum

Have you ever seen a One Trillion Dollar Bill?  There is one on display at the Bank of Korea, Currency Museum.  The museum located next to Gukcheboseong Park about one hundred meters from the City Bell. Hours of Operation are weekdays  :09:3016:00
(closed on Saturdays and Sundays, public holidays and May 1) 

During different periods of time throughout the world, different items have been used as currency.  I saw a very interesting type of currency on display at the Bank of Korea.  Knife Currency.  I found it interesting, because they could be carried on a hoop of rope or wire and kept organized very easily.

Also on display were silver coins that you might find in any currency museum.  But, a few that were displayed also had ceramic or enamel bits embedded in them that gave them a very modern or artistic look.

There are all sorts of shapes and sizes for paper currency.  I was interested in the bills with holes both in the face but also along the borders. 

There were also large denomination bills from other countries such as the One Trillion Dollar Bill at the top of this article as well as this 50 Billion Bill.  If you have children, there are commemorative coins from Disney.  My daughter spotted that display from across the room.  There are coins issued for special events like the Olympics and other international events held in Korea or around the world.

The time it takes to view the two rooms will depend on your interest in the items on display.  I would consider this a place to get out of the cold winter air as a break from shopping or wandering through the downtown area.  I have added a link to the Bank of Korea web site for more information.

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