Monday, December 5, 2016

Dongdaegu Street, Remodeling into a Smart Street

Dongdaegu Street, Remodeling into a Smart Street

Dongdaegu Street will be remodeled into a venture valley symbol street where smart walking is available. Smart streetlamps, automatically detects walking people and running automobiles, CCTV installed bus shelters and free WI-FI will be installed at smart walking street. In addition to the smart system, it is planned to build a pocket park and improve its environment.

Dongdaegu Street is also an active place for young people where Startup Supporting Center is located. Outdoor office space is scheduled to be constructed and the first floor of the building will be open to public and provide space for citizens to use their laptops and tablet computers freely.

When Dongdaegu Complex Transfer Center finish its construction next year, visiting tourists will have their first impression of Daegu at Dongdaegu Street. Let’s see how Dongdaegu Street would turn out into a beautiful and convenient smart street. 

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