Thursday, December 29, 2016

Welcome to "So-ri" road, beauty of nature around Daegu, in Hae-In temple.

Welcome to "So-ri" road,
 beauty of nature around Daegu, in Hae-In temple.

"So-ri" road is not really far from Daegu, where located in Chi-In lee, Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

"So-ri" means "Sound" in Korean. A reason for this name is, because sound of water from valley in "Gah-Yah" mountain is so beautiful.

If you are too tired to hear annoying noises from city, it would be good chance to take those stresses off from here. All of your concerns and stresses will go off even when you are just looking at magnificent Stones and breathing a fresh air from pine forest, settled for centuries in the mountain.

There is pavilion where people can sit and rest.

Even in this cold weather, Japanese cornlian cherry trees still do their best to get their berries.
Sound of valley will keep tickle your ear softly while you are walking. 

For every single tree, they have information task for themselves to let you know about each trees. It is another interesting part in this mountain.

If you think it is time to refresh your feeling, come and visit "So-ri" road in "Gah-Yah" mountain:)

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