Thursday, January 5, 2017

Come and see the Daegu Booth of CES2017, one of the top 3 electronic exhibitions.

Come and see the Daegu Booth of CES2017

The CES(Consumer Electronics Show) is one of the top 3 electronic exhibitions with IFA(Interantional Funkausstellung), MWC(Mobile World Congress), and CES(Consumer Electronics Show).

▲CES2016 ( CES2017 Homepage)

The world top electronic, automobile companies attend and show new technologies for the future market at CES2017. 22 Daegu companies also attend as Daegu Booth of this year's big exhibition that Korean big companies such as Samsung and LG also attends.

▲CES2016 ( CES2017 Homepage)

In Daegu booth, you can check out an educational paper robot(by Samjjumilsa Inc.), industrial drones(by Gryphon Dynamics Inc.), AR(Augmented Reality)& VR(Virtual Reality) Solution (by AR Media Works Inc.), and etc.. The companies also show their great IT technology to all over the world. 

Especially, RF Inc.(main products-cleaning robot for the external walls of big buildings), won 2 parts of CES2017’s innovation awards, and will have a contract with a Japanese buyer, SODC(Sale on Demand Corporation) about 4.29million dollars.

Daegu also has a plan to discuss about electronic automobile business which is a main futurity industry. Taking a look at the high-technical information and trends about future vehicle, VR, drone, and etc., it will prepare to take off future business. 

▲CES2016 ( CES2017 Homepage)

CES2017 is held in Las Vegas, US from January 5 to January 8.
If you want to watch Daegu’s awesome IT technology, please visit Daegu booth.

▲CES2017's Location ( CES2017 Homepage)

Outline of CES2017
  -Name of the exhibition: CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show, 2017)
  -Period & Venue: Thursday, January 5 ~ Sunday, January 8 2017 / Las Vegas, US
  -Scale of the exhibition: 150 countries, 3,800 companies (in 2016)
  -Products: Digital home appliances, Information and Communications, Self-driving vehicle, etc.
  -Host: CTA (Consumer Technology Association)

Daegu’s booth in CES2017
   Supporting local ICT Venture, small-medium-sized businesses to the market
    -Scale: 204 (Total 22 companies- Daegu 16, Gyeongbuk 2, Gyeonggi 4)
    -Location: Westgate, in the Country booth (build the first Korea’s local government’s booth, Daegu booth)  


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