Thursday, January 12, 2017

Do You Need a Help to Live in Daegu? Get a Help from Foreigner Support Center

Do you need a help? 
Foreigner Support Center in Daegu

Everyone feels afraid when they face with a new area. Fortunately, there are foreigner support centers in Daegu. Here are brief introductions about each of them.

[Emergency Supporting]
Sometimes, you might face with a dangerous situation. What are you going to do? Are you afraid of language problems? Please call to here.

◎ Danuri Call Center (Multicultural Family Helpline)

  ■ Inquiry: +82-1577-1366
  ■ Hours of operation: 24 hours a day available

[Legal & Life consulting in Daegu]

When you work in a different country, you might want to know what differences are between your home country’s policy and Korean policy. You can get legal and life consulting from these centers.

Daegu Support Center for Foreign Workers 

◎ Daegu Support Center for Foreign Workers

  ■ Inquiry: +82-53-654-9700 (Available in Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Philippine, Uzbekistan)
  ■ Address: 7F, Doowon Medical Building, 215, Seongdang-ro, Dalseo-gu
  ■ Hours of operation: 09:00am. ~ 06:00pm. (Closed on Wednesday)
  ■ Homepage:

◎ Yeongnam Labor and Education Committee

  ■ Inquiry: +82-53-253-1313
  ■ Hours of operation: 09:00am. ~ 06:00pm. (Tue~Fri, Sun)
  ■ Address: 40, Jungang-daero 77-gil, Jung-gu

◎ Daegu Immigrant Missionary Center

  ■ Inquiry: +82-53-636-4171
  ■ Hours of operation: 09:00am. ~ 06:00pm. (Mon~Sun)
  ■ Address: 2F, 111, Hyeonpungjungang-ro, Hyeonpung-myeon, Dalseong-gun

◎ Daegu Bar Association (translation is required)

  ■ Inquiry: +82-53-753-1900
  ■ Hours of operation: 09:00am. ~ 06:00pm. (Mon~Fri)
  ■ Address: 4F, Lawyers Building, 23, Sangnok-ro, Suseong-gu
  ■ Website:

[Overcome culture differences]

There might be difficult things among your multicultural family members or with other Korean people. These are some good centers to solve problems of cultural difference. You can also get language helps from here. 

Daegu YMCA

◎ Multicultural Family Support Center

This center is for families consist of multicultural. There might be difficult things among your family members. Here is a good center to solve family problems about cultural difference.

  ■ Hours of operaton: 09:00am.~06:00pm. (Mon~Fri)
  ■ Inquiry & Address 
       1)Dong-gu: +82-53-961-2203 / 300, Ansim-ro, Dong-gu

       2)Buk-gu: +82-53-327-2994 / 473, Chilgokjungang-daero, Buk-gu

       3)Seo-gu: +82-53-341-8312 / 28, Oksan-ro, Seo-gu

       4)Nam-gu: +82-53-475-2324 / 10, Icheon-ro, Nam-gu

       5)Suseong-gu: +82-53-764-4317 / 78, Deulan-ro 16-gil, Suseong-gu

       6)Dalseo-gu: +82-53-580-6815  / 1095, Dalgubeol-daero, Dalseo-gu,

       7)Dalseong-gun: +82-53-637-4374  / 5, Seongcheon-ro 10-gil, Seongsan-ri, Hwawon-eup, Dalseong-gun

Daegu YMCA

◎ Caritas Rainbow Center

  ■ Inquiry: +82-53-621-2025
  ■ Hours of operation: 09:00am. ~ 06:00pm. (Mon~Fri)
  ■ Address: 5F, 182, Daemyeong-ro Nam-gu

Daegu YMCA


  ■ Inquiry: +82-53-255-0218
  ■ Hours of operation: 09:00am. ~ 06:00pm. (Mon~Fri)
  ■ Address: 375 Jungang-daero, Jung-gu
  ■ Website:
   ※ Also, there is a foreigner play club “The Daegu Theatre Troupe”.

[Medical Support]

Being sick in new area without your family and friends makes you lonelier. Visit medical support center.

 Daegu Support Center for Foreign Workers 

◎ Daegu Medical Association

  ■ Inquiry: +82-53-953-0100
  ■ Hours of operation: 02:00pm.~05:00 pm. (Open only on Sunday)
  ■ Address: 82, Daehyeon-ro, Buk-gu 

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