Thursday, January 26, 2017

MUST EAT-Tteokguk, One of The Korean Traditional Food in Seollal

MUST EAT-Tteokguk(떡국), 
One of The Korean Traditional Food in Seollal(설날)

On Seollal(설날, Korean Lunar New Year's Day), Koreans have Tteokguk(떡국, rice cake soup).
It means you get an age and clean your body & mind.
Then how to make Tteokguk?

[Prepare to cook(for 2 people)]

1. Things You Need
Tteokguk's Tteok(떡국 떡, Rice cake, 300~360g), Green onion(1/2), egg(1), beef(brisket, for soup,70g), salt & black pepper(a little), toasted laver(김), dumpling(Optional)

2. Seasoning beef : Korean style soy sauce(1/2 tablespoon), crushed garlic(1 teaspoon), sesame oil(1 teaspoon), black pepper(a little)

3. Base of the soup : Kelp(10g or 1 piece of 10cm), Water(5 cups)

 [How to prepare the soup] 
  - Prepare the base of the soup
  - Wash the kelp and put it in the water for 30 minutes.
    It’s okay if there is something sticky. It will be gone when it boils.
  - Boil them on low heat and if it boils, turn it off.
    Get out the kelp.
※ It will be nice if you prepare this base at the first and let them cool.

[How to cook]

  - Prepare the Tteokguk's TteokRinse the Tteokguk's Tteok and put them in a colander.
  - Slice the brisket thickly with sheath.
    ※ If the brisket has sheath, it becomes soft. After that, put seasoning on the beef.
  - Whip the egg.
  - Julienne a toasted laver(gim) about 2~3cm.
  - Slice green onion.
  - Heat the pot and put the seasoned beef and fry it completely.
  - After beef is done, put the prepared soup and boil them about 10 minutes. Skim off the foam when the soup boils.
  - After 10 minutes, put the Tteokguk's Tteok and boil them about 5 minutes. You can put dumplings if you want.
  - If the rice becomes soft and the soup becomes white, put a little salt depends on your taste.
  - Put whipped eggs on the soup.
  - Finally, put green onion on the soup and toasted laver.

How about cook Tteokguk on this holiday and have it with your family?
It may be a good family time.

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