Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Things to Remember to Survive : Call in Emergency in Daegu

Things to Remember to Survive : 
Call in Emergency in Daegu 

Sometimes you might face some dangerous situation. What would you do?
The best is picking up your phone and press the emergency number! In US the emergency number is 911. 
In Korea, 119 is for fire(including ambulance), 112 is for the crime.
There are things you need to remember before calling!

■ Turn on GPS on your smart phone, or use in the Wi-Fi Zone

 If you use your smart phone, they would find you as soon as you call. However, if you turn on your GPS or call the emergency center in Wi-Fi Zone, the location is more accurate.

■ On the road, please use the information around you

Is there something on the road and you have no idea where you are? Tell the center about the name of the street, one big building’s name or phone numbers on the boards, bus-stop’s number, and so on. During hiking, use the sign of the location in the mountain. There are signs of mountain's information. Tell the rescuers about the sign.

Also, there is another way to report your situation and it doesn't matter of language problems. 

■ Use video call or text message

Just press 119(fire), 112(crime) and press video calls. Then you can tell them with your body languages or show them the situation directly. Also text message is possible. 

■ Use 119 Apps/ 112 Apps (in Korean)

Install these apps and use it when you are in dangerous. Press some buttons, the center would recognize that you are in dangerous. (Android)

  - 119Apps 

▲119 Mobile App(Android)

First, turn on the GPS. First box is about Fire and next box is about rescue or ambulance. Press the button according to your situation. You can send a text or including pictures.

* Link of the app:  https://goo.gl/DzTl9d

  - 112Apps

▲112 Mobile App(Android)

As you download, you need to fill out your information. Filling out your form is really helpful to use the app. As you can see 2 circle buttons. First circle is for text message. Press more than 3 seconds. The next circle is call button. Also press it more than 3 seconds. 
If you press these buttons your location is sent to the center. The bottom is test report.

* Link of the app: https://goo.gl/k4yEFX

It feels that you are safe, doesn't it? Remember this and save your life!

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