Friday, March 31, 2017

Recruitment : Member of 2017 Daegu SNS Citizen Press - Interested in covering issues, reporting fun things as a citizen reporter of Daegu, Korea?

Looking for members of 
2017 Daegu SNS Citizen Press

Season has came again, Daegu city starts to recruit reporters of  2017 Daegu SNS Citizen Press.
This year City is decided to combine Online supporters and Blog press
is supposed to provide more advantages like invited to event and festival hosted by Daegu. 

And also there are much supports for event-coverage at Daegu art museum, exhibition at Daegu Exco and chance to go to cover the opening game at the Daegu Samsung lions park for members to create better contents. Let's a look at the details below!

Application period : March 31(Fri),2017 ~ April 16(Sun)

Subject : Citizen and foreign residents who love Daegu (10 personnel for English)
Qualification : Use SNS frequently, Able to go out to cover, Have passion and responsibility
Working period : May 1, 2017 ~ December 31.(8 months)
How to apply : Fill up the form at the link below
Announcement : Around April, On Daegu official SNS channel•individually
Starting ceremony : Around May

    • Submitting contents :  event-coverage mission and free subject contents about Daegu.
    • Making various types of contents with photo, video, image, article.
    • Online promotion of Daegu SNS channel.

    • Letter of appointment, name card, press card will be provided as a citizen press.
    • Payment for writing submissions, activity cost.
    • Invitation to event and festival hosted by Daegu.
    • Support coverage of Daegu art museum or culture and sports facility.
    • Offer familiarization tour and online specialized education.
    ※ If press is not working over 2 months, he / she will be disqualified.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Living in Daegu : Trash management #1. - when, where and how to take the garbage out.

-Living in Daegu-
Trash management #1. Household waste, Food waste

When you start to live in different city, It’s always confused like when, where and how to take the garbage out. Litter is a serious issue worldwide so Daegu city has strict rule of trash management and recycling. Today, let’s check how to manage household waste and food waste.

Household Waste

  Purchase Standard plastic garbage bag : Designated shops including neighborhood shops
  Price of standard plastic garbage bag (per bag)


  Put garbage in a standard plastic garbage bag and Tie. And recyclable materials, food garbage and briquettes should be disposed separately.

  If you are living in
  - Apartment, please place the bag at gabage dump site
  - Multiplex and row houses, please place in front of the main gate on the ground floor.
  - Detached house, please place in front of your house the night before the collection day.

  Disposal day & Time: Sunday ~ Friday(Suseong-gu: every other day) / 20:00~02:00(of the following day)

And please note:
  Do not put out trash during daytime hours.
  A penalty will be imposed for failure to use a standard plastic garbage disposal bag or breach of disposal methods. CCTVs are installed on walls or on utility poles for 24 hours surveillance on illegal garbage disposal.

 Food Waste

  Remove foreign matter including vinyl, bottle caps and foil should be removed from the food waste. A designated bin or payment stickers are available at shops within your neighborhood so please contact the dong community center or an individual market for information.

  If you are living in
  - Apartment, a large food waste bin placed in a trash disposal site.
  - Detached house, please place food trash in a food waste bag with a payment sticker on it

  Food waste that can’t be recycled should be disposed of in a standard plastic garbage bag
  - Onion and garlic skins and roots such as green onions, nutshells, bones of cow, pig and chicken
  - Seafood shell, fish bones and various green tea leaves.
  - Non-compostable food scraps such as bones, eggshells, corn cobs and tea bags, must be discharged in standard bin liners.

  Disposal Time: 20:00~the following day 02:00 (Seo-gu: 20:00~24:00)

  Disposal day and area : Each gu office collects garbage on different days(Mon.Wed.Fri./Tue.Thur.Sun.). 
 Contact your gu-office or dong community center for further information, contact numbers below.
  - Jung-gu : 053-661-2712~8
  - Buk-gu 053-665-2584 / 665-2732
  - Dong-gu : 053-662-2712~3
  - Suseong-gu : 053-666-2711~4
  - Seo-gu : 053-663-2712~3
  - Dalseo-gu : 053-667-2711~6
  - Nam-gu : 053-664-2714~5
  - Dalseong-gun : 053-668-2712~5

This posting is based on Guide for Daegu Foreign Residents. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Sports event in Daegu, Korea : WMACi Daegu 2017 Last. Closing Ceremony of WMACi Daegu 2017 - say goodbye to all participants!

What was happened at Closing ceremony of WMACi Daegu 2017? 

Finally the long journey has been finished with WMACi Daegu 2017 by closing ceremony.

Took place from March 19(Sun) to March 25(Sat), 7 days and It was finished well due to citizen, volunteers and all the athletes.

Especially this WMACi Daegu 2017 had the largest scale of the event so far, 4703 of athletes from 75 countries have participated so Korea is being the 7th country which the three grand sport event had taken place in the world. Daegu is also the second city to be designated as an international athletic city after Stuttgart, Germany.

So take a look at the final closing ceremony of the WMACi Daegu 2017!

As you can see in the photo, lots of people came to Daegu athletics promotion center to see the closing ceremony. For indoor athletics events, usually the gym is modified for use in athletics but Daegu has this indoor athletic exclusive stadium like this. Athletes also praised highly when they use the stadium facilities.

Performance is a must of a ceremony! The atmosphere heightened by the music.

The closing ceremony began and everybody watched videos of the 7 days. 
There is a difference from other competitions, In this event athlete himself can measure his skill, We could see a lot of participants enjoying the competition itself, rather than sticking to the record in the game. All of the players who were eliminated in the rankings were received their personal records certificate.

Also, it was a event which you can participate regardless of age.
The oldest person in the event, between men was Charles Euguster who came from Switzerland at the age of 97! For women, it was a 93-year-old Cheung suet-Ling from Hong Kong.

The WMA flag was lowered and  handed over to Poland, the host of the next WMACi. 
Hope Poland have a successful event too!

After declaration of closure, WMACi Daegu 2017 is finished and there were performance of Hwang Chi Yeul

Oh, did you know that this event was the only athletics competition that an athlete pays all expenses relating to participation? (travel expense, accommodation cost and registration fee) So due to this Daegu expects it will help the Daegu economy. 

We hope that WMACi Daegu 2017 was  a great opportunity to promote Daegu to domestic and international athletes,

Thank all of you who have contributed to the WMACi Daegu 2017!

Beautiful Daegu : Heart of the city along the Sincheon river, Animals you might see there - urban park, natural landmarks of Daegu, Korea

Sincheon River Wildlife in Urban area

Daegu may be one of Korea’s largest metropolitan cities, but hundreds of animal species can be found right in the heart of the city along the Sincheon River. This urban park is one of Daegu’s most beautiful natural landmarks and is home to a wide array of native and migrant birds, fish, and the Eurasian river otter.

As birds migrate from the North to the South for the winter, many end up making a temporary home along the Sincheon’s shallow, nutrient-rich, fish-filled stream.  While some of these birds can only be seen during the winter months, there are still plenty of native birds that inhabit the Sincheon River year-round. 

Many birds and ducks camouflage themselves while nesting in the grassy, reed-covered wetlands. Look up and under the bridges and you might catch glimpses of sparrows, flycatchers, brown-eared bulbuls, and Chinese grosbeaks. The kestrel is a type of falcon that can sometimes be seen as it swoops down the banks of the river in search of prey.

Some of the river’s most magnificent occupants are the grey heron and the Eastern great egret. They can be seen plucking fish out of the small waterfalls, stalking the tall reeds along the edge of the river, or gliding gracefully above the water.

Birds aren’t the only wildlife to call the Sincheon home. If you peer into the water, you may discover a diversity of freshwater fish such as carp, Korean gudgeon, goldfish, snakehead fish, Stone moroko, perch, catfish, and minnows. However, perhaps the most elusive of all creatures residing along the Sincheon River is the Eurasian river otter, an endangered species in South Korea. For the most part, the otters remain hidden from plain sight, so if you spot one, consider yourself lucky!

While some of the animals are not afraid of humans, help preserve this beautiful natural environment and its inhabitants by refraining from feeding, touching, or chasing the animals, and by taking care not to litter. 

The best way to keep wildlife, wild is  to view animals at a distance  or through the lens of a camera. Take a stroll along the Sincheon River and see which animals you can find!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017 Daegu Announcement Project for Foreign Residents ‘Better Together'

 2017 Daegu Announcement Project for Foreign Residents 
‘Better Together'

Experience beautiful Daegu together.
Let’s go together to find the attractions of Daegu!

‘Better Together’ prepared a platform to provide foreign residents in Daegu with an opportunity to encounter diverse cultural experiences of Daegu, and help foreigners and Daegu citizens to better understand each other through promoting intimate cultural communication and improving multi-cultural awareness. With five sense experience-based tour program that provides variety of things to see, enjoy, eat, and play in Daegu, you can experience beautiful and happy Daegu through communicating with Daegu citizens.

 Overview of Better Together Program with Colorful Stories 

Date : 2017 March ~ October (Total 7 times)  /  Venue : Daegu City

- Schedule :
· 1st Program – March 25th - (Sat) 2017 Better Together, 4th Opening ceremony
· 2nd Program – April 15th - (Sat) Mabijeong Mural Painting Village & Samunjin Ferry Cruise Tour.
· 3rd Program – May 20th - (Sat) Visiting Bongsan Culture Street gallery & Daegu Confucian School Culture Experience
· 4th Program – June 17th - (Sat) Palgong-san Donghwa-sa Temple Stay (1night 2days) & visiting Korean Bronze ware Museum
· 5th Program – August 19th - (Sat) Daegu Ap-san night hiking
· 6th Program – September 16th - (Sat) Exciting musical instrument! Samulnori Class
· 7th Program – October 21st - (Sat) What I say about Daegu! Talk concert & Halloween Party


Better Together Opening Ceremony 
& Daebongdong Culture Village Tour

Date : March 25, 2017, Saturday 13:00 ~ 19:30
Venue : Art Factory Cheong Chun – Daebong-dong Kim Kwang Seok Memorial Street

As it is the first meeting of 2017, ‘Better Together’ will deliver the meaning and purpose of the project. After dividing the team for upcoming 7 sessions, the participants will have a time to get along with each other. In addition, participants will learn more about Korean culture through watching traditional music performances, tasting Korean traditional foods, and playing traditional games. The participants will also have an opportunity to experience Daegu’s street culture through Daebong-dong village tour, Daegu’s one of the main tour contents

Schedule :
Attendance check, head count, team division
Ice breaking
Program introduction and self introduction
Tea time
Refreshments (rice cake, jeon, tea confectioneries), traditional tea,
Greeting, memorizing team members names
Traditional music performance
Game Date
Matching raw materials of refreshments
Finding Gong-gi Master
Exciting board game! Enjoy yunnori!
Finish the Game
Announce the game results
Bangcheon Market
Visiting Bangcheon market gallery
Visiting Kim Kwang Seok Memorial Street
Finish & return home
Write comments about the experience (Questionnaire)
Descriptions of the following program

= Application Notice =

Eligibility : Foreigners living in Daegu, Daegu citizen
 Application Period : Permanent recruitment
 Qualification :
    1. Preferred if they have lived in Daegu within 7 months
    2. Must join in the program at least three times
    3. Can be separated according to the nation if participants of a certain country are too many
    4. English speaker

 How many : about 100 people
 How to apply : in person, e-mail (
                          attached the application form (download click here)

 Registration Address : B1 20-35 Daebong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
 Question : 053-424-5235 / 

Various events and performances of The 2017 World Masters Athletics Indoor Daegu

Various events and performances of 
The 2017 WMACi Daegu

The 2017 World Masters Athletics Indoor is currently being held in Daegu, the city of sports. 
We are already running towards the end of the tournament. 

Various events and performances for athletes and spectators are held daily outside the venue. 
Today, I will show you the scenery outside the stadium.

There will be various performances from 10 am to 4 pm in front of the Daegu Athletics Promotion Center 
where the competition is being held.

Dance dance to the upbeat music~! There will be a dance performance.
When there are no performances, you’ll have the chance to experience a traditional play in the same place.

There are booths for foreign players and visitors to enjoy on the right side of the performance hall.

In particular, the booths that allow you to try on Korean traditional costumes and to write your name in Hangul (Korean) are popular among others! 

Of course, you cannot resist not having some photos after trying on the traditional costumes, right? Take a photo in a beautifully designed photo zone to cherish this memory of World Masters Athletics Indoor Daegu! Doesn’t it look really good?


In another booth, you can engrave your name on a folding fan using calligraphy.
These players are wondering how to write their names in Korean.

Why don’t we head over to the opposite side?

The street food at the Gyo-dong Dokkaebi Night Market, Daegu Athletic Promotion Center! 
You can feel your mouth waters at the smell of delicious food. 

Fish cake that you can only taste in Korea, as well as chicken skewers and fusion food such as stir-fried udon are available here~ 
The Gyo-dong Dokkaebi Night Market is open from 10 am to 5 pm during the competition period :)

The flea market where Daegu citizens directly participate! 
You can see and buy various handmade products, and there are a lot of traditional items 
such as dolls wearing hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) and so on. 

These products capture the interest of foreign players!


Also, there is a new and exciting nongak (traditional Korean music performed by farmers) performance every day from 3:30 pm. 
Excitedly move about to the sounds of janggu (double-headed drum with a narrow waist at the middle) and kkwaenggwari (gong).
 You should take a souvenir photo after enjoying folk music in Korea, right?

The 2017 Daegu World Masters Indoor Track and Field Tournament will continue until this Saturday, 25th. 
Please do visit, cheer and applaud the players, and enjoy various events! :)

 For more information :

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Log of WMACi Daegu 2017 Opening Ceremony - Eye of blog press, sports event of Daegu, Korea

 Moments of WMACi Daegu 2017
Opening Ceremony

WMCAi Daegu 2017 kicked off with an opening ceremony celebration that included Korean folk songs, drum dancing, cheer leading, Taekwondo, Kpop, and athletes from all over the world.


Inside the stadium, the crowds were buzzing in anticipation of the parade of athletes. After a few welcoming speeches, the official WMACi flag was raised signaling the start of the games. 

Just like in the Olympics, the athletes entered the arena alphabetically by country and were met with a packed crowd of cheering and waving fans. 

The crowd rose to their feet as the final country - the host country of Korea - entered the stadium.

Once all the athletes arrived, golden streamers exploded from the roof of the stadium and streamed down on the athletes below. The celebrations continued with a heartfelt concert of traditional Korean music and European opera. 

Afterwards, an amazing Taekwondo demonstration wowed the crowds, followed by performances by popular Korean dancers and singers. By the end of the night, athletes from different countries danced with one another to Kpop music as they enjoyed an unforgettable opening ceremony.

The World Masters Athletic Championship Indoor is a track and field event attended by men and women athletes ages 35 and older. It is the first time that WMCAi has been held in Asia, and with over 4,000 participants from over 60 countries, it’s one of the largest sports events in the world. And it’s right here in Daegu!   

Come out and cheer on your country at WMCAi! Admission is free, and there are plenty of activities to partake in between events such as taking a photo with the WMCAi mascot and sampling delicious Korean food at one of the many outdoor street vendors in front of the stadium. Come, run, enjoy it!