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Easy Summer Nature Retreats within Daegu

Easy Summer Nature Retreats within Daegu

The sun is blazing in Korea. As we head further into summer, we need a break from busy city life and refresh our bodies and minds. Not so far from the center of Daegu, Hwawon and Biseolsan Recreational Forests offers you quiet places for renewal and rejuvenation. Treat yourself a weekend at one of these forests. You will surely appreciate the time in nature with all the small pleasures it presents you.

Hwawon Natural Recreation Forest

Located in Mt. Biseulsan, Hwawon Natural Recreation Forest is a one of the most popular places for people during the summer. It is a 50-min drive from Joonangno Station. As you can see in the pictures below, lodging comes in two types: condominium(the upper right) and pension(the rest).

Surroundings are walking and hiking trails and hexagonal pavilions. You can also participate in-hand experience programs. DIY class is a popular one that you can make natural items. For those who want to learn more about the forests, sign up for a forest commentary.

If you are just looking for a nice restful time, find an outdoor deck around you to relax in shades under the trees. This place is also kid-friendly as it has designated swimming areas at the valley. Everything here is designed to give you a chance you immerse yourself in nature.

- Address: 126 Hwawonhyuyangnin-gil Hwawon-eup Dalseong-gun, Daegu
- Contact: 053-659-4455
- Reservation:

Biseolsan Recreational Forest 

If you like appreciating the beauty of Buddhist heritages, Biseolsan Recreational Forest is a spectacular option for you. There are various hiking trails that lead to Yugasa Temple, Sojaesa Temple, 2.8m tall Yongbongdong Stone Buddha Status and Daegeonsaji three-story stone pagondas. 

The Forest is also known for its log cabins. They may not be the most comfortable place to stay over like their condos but it definitely offers you a cozy place to appreciate simple life.

Other facilities available nearby include campsites. These campsites have become known to a lot of people even outside the country. Don’t get surprised when your neighborhood talk in a different language. Timeslots for both Recreational Forest and campsites sell out quickly. If you want to check out these places, you’d better hurry!

- Address: 230 Hyuyangnin-gil Yuga-myeon Dalseong-gun, Daegu
- Contact: 053-659-4400, 4401
- Reservation:

※ All images included in this post is from Dalseonggun Facilities Management Corporation

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