Thursday, July 27, 2017

Daegu Water Festival 2017, Daegu Folk Festival and Daegu Horror Festival

3 Things to do this weekend
Folk Festival, Water Festival and Horror Festival

Courtesy: Daegu Horror Festival 

#1 Daegu Folk Festival

Courtesy: Daegu Folk Festival

Date July 28 – July 30
Hour 16:00 – 22:00 (hours vary depending on location and date
Featured Artists  SuperStar K season 4 winner Roy Kim, SuperStar K season 5 semi-finalist Si Hwan Park, Jo-Han Kim
Location Kolon Outdoor Music Hall, Duryu Park, KimGwanSeok Street, Suseong Lake, Dongsungro(Outdoor Concert Stage)
Contact  053-626-2015
Admission Free

#2 Daegu Water Festival 2017

Courtesy: Culture Village Cooperative (문화마을협동조합)

 Date Sunday, July 30
 Hour  11:00 – 18:00
 Location Tool Stree @Bukseong-ro
 Nearest Subway Station Daegu Station(line1)
 Address 106, Bukseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
 KR Address 대구광역시 중구 북성로 106
 Contact  053-255-0531
 Admission Free
-Locker: 5,000won
-Dressing booth: 3,000won
-Water gun: 5,000won, 10,000won
-Waterproof plastic bag: 3,000won
-Towel: 3,000won
 Other Schedules
@Water  Zone
11: 00-17: 00: Events
13: 00-15: 00: 1st EDM party (main stage)
15: 00-16: 00: Youth Busking (Mad Queen / main stage)
16: 00-17: 00: 2nd EDM party (main stage)
16: 30-17: 00: Water Cannon Show
17: 00-18: 00: Finale performance (main stage)
17: 00-18: 00: End of the event

@Fun Zone
11: 00-17: 00: Events
14: 00-16: 00: Angel Game’s Recreation (Mini beach volleyball game, palm slapping game)
16:30 Flea Market’s Free Giveaway Winner Announcement
17: 00-18: 00: End of the event

#3 Daegu Horror Theater Festival

Courtesy: Daegu Horror Festival 

[Zombie Run] 21:00 – 23:00, July 28 – July 29
[Haunted House] 20:00 – 23:00, July 28 – July 30
[Horror IT Experience] 20:00 – 23:00 July 28 – July 29, 20:00 – 22:00 July 30
Other performances and events happen throughout the evening.
[Zombie Run] Daegu Stadium
[Haunted House] Citizen Square @Daegu Stadium
[Horror IT Experience] Square @Daegu Stadium
Address 180, Universiad-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
KR Address 대구 수성구 유니버시아드로 180
[Zombie Run] Free to watch (Participation application is done)
[Haunted House] Free

[Horror IT Experience] Free except some programs

*Other plays and events not mentioned here take place in various places in Daegu and not all of them are free.

Camping in Korea: Free Camping at Bongmu Park(Daegu)

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Free Camping at Bongmu Park!

That is correct, FREE CAMPING!  Bongmu Park hosts a campground with twenty areas to put up a tent. You can also just go and do a cook out. So, let’s explore the facilities!

Carts are located at the gate.  The gate is about 800 meters from the camping grounds.  They are very helpful when bring all the things you need to enjoy a night or an afternoon.  A big family tent and ice chest, tables, chairs, barbeque grill and mats can be a hassle to move.  There are four carts available for use free of charge.

The area size is about 3.5m2.   Nice sized family tents can fit in the area for each of the twenty spots. We arrived on a Sunday afternoon.  It had rained Saturday evening and early on Sunday.  There were only a few families already there.  But, as we had finished our picnic there were more families arriving.

This family was enjoying a day at Bongmu Park with a picnic and some practice throwing a ball and catching.  It is important to remember that the area is limited, but there is a huge play area at the base of the camping area.

There are a few picnic tables scattered around.  But not enough for each camping family.  It is a good idea to plan for not having access to a picnic table, so be prepared.

I think another thing to point out is be prepared with know-how when it comes to putting the gear you have into action.  These two dads were having a very difficult time and finally Min Hee said to her dad, “Daddy, can you help them?”  “ I think they are having trouble.”

Bongmu camping grounds allows BBQing.  It is the preferred way to enjoy your meals. This family did not plan on an overnight, they were just visiting to have a cookout.

There are hardcore campers who enjoy what we call “Glamping”. This refers to having all sorts of gear and comfort items to be almost like home.  There are others who just enjoy the outdoors.  This family brought an inexpensive quick pop up tent.

Sometimes camping is fun but sometimes kids need a little more action. There is a playground and swings across the walking path from the campgrounds.  Parents can easily see the kids playing from their camp site.

There is a large room for washing your dishes and utensils.  There is also a female and male restroom with standard stalls.  There is no shower facility, so be prepared for that.

Each site has a shared fire extinguisher and the sites are marked with rope squares on the ground. There is a small supermarket beside the playing fields and it is open from 930AM to 630PM.

Remember, it is first come first served.  There is no reservation system. Plan ahead so you can take advantage of the facilities hassle free.

Date open except Nov 1 - May 15
Address 66, Palgong-ro 50-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
KR Address 대구시 동구 팔공로 50길 66
Contact  053-662-2856

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

3 Coolest and Biggest Water Parks in Korea: Spa Valley, Elybaden and Duryu Water Park

We've brought a list of 3 coolest water parks in Korea for you water lovers! 

Spa Valley
 An ultimate water park fun 
#Asia’s_highest_water_slide #Spa #lush_landscape

Spa Valley is the biggest water park in Daegu and surrounding provinces! It shows off the coolest thrill rides including Speed Slide which is Asia’s highest water slide. What people endear about this park is many Extreme Attractions.” If you are a thriller-seeker, try every ride it has to offer! Not only that, Spa Valley presents a healing Nature Park, which is many children’s favorite and various lodging options! Let’s break them down!

1.  Water Park
Facilitiies: Main spa pool, Open-air Bath, Amazone (lazy river), Speed Slide, Hurricane Slide, Jungle Aqua, Mountain Slide, Gold Coast(wave pool), Boomerang, Super Bowl, Dragon Slide, Diving Pool, Village-Mushroom, Farmstay, Beach Bed
*If you want to see pictures of each attraction, click here

Inside facilities: Chlorella Open-air Bath, Bathe Pool, Kids Pool, Doctor Fish-Full bath, Dry Sauna, Spa Sauna, Aqua Play, Open air-Bath, Bathe Pool, Aroma therapy, Stone therapy
*Click the link to see images

2.  Nature Park
Children love this Nature Park! It has a botanical garden, zoo section, Butterfly Garden, Squirrel Village, and Play Garden. At the zoo, they get to look at wild animals such as lion, bengal tiger, otters, Fennec fox, and peacocks. If they are not used to see some predators, they can befriend with cute chipmunks, rabbits, Ferret Hedge-hog! In addition, there are many hand-on experience programs through which they will learn about nature and animals in fun ways!

3.  Hotel de forRe
Spa Valley provides 4 types of accommodations: standard bedroom, standard floor-bedding room, Sweet room and tent village. All rooms are designed in traditional Korean style combined with contemporary aesthetics. If you are looking for a convenient BBQ outside, you can order their BBQ package as well.

Hour  09:00 – 20:30 for indoor water park, 09:00 – 20:00 for outdoor water park *this may vary depending on a season
Location Spa Valley
Address 891, Gachang-ro, Gachang-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
KR Address 대구광역시 달성군 가창면 가창로 891
Contact  053-620-000
[Water park] Adults 58,000won, Children 45,000won (entry after 15:00 Adults 38,000won, Children 29,000won)

All images above from Spa Valley 

Elybaden - Sangin
 Water park, sauna, hot springs. All in one place 
#European_Style #Paradise

Elybaden aims to offer customers the best time to rest for body and mind. Accordingly, it features not only a fun water park but also high quality sauna and hot spring zones. Let’s take a look at it floor by floor!

[1F] Water Zone
Elybaden is known for its sulfur hot springs. They contained the most sulfur in Korea. The source of its water comes from 999m underground. This quality water will help you ease symptoms of everyday stress. If you are more down to cooling off with a swim or dip, check out their pools. Make sure you try bathe pools in which you can treat yourself with water massages. Waves target a specific body part such as shoulders, back, waist, thigh, lower legs and feet. They will definitely help your body relax and heal.

[2F] Sun Bath Zone
If you are looking to laze the day away, check out 2nd floor. Recline on sunbeds where you can look over the view outside. You can always swim or simply float on water whenever you feel like it!

[3F] Sauna Square
Another thing, Elybaden is famous for is its saunas. You can enjoy a variety of saunas that are design to help enhance your health. Try Himalayan Salt Rock Sauna that is effective for your skin health and blood and immune systems. As you go through all these saunas and water park, you will probably get hungry. There are chicken, Chinese, Western and Korean restaurants on the same floor!

All images above from Elybaden
[Water park] Now – Aug 6 09:00 ~ 22:00 / Aug 7 – Aug 15 10:30 ~ 22:00 on weekdays, 09:00 – 22:00 on weekends and holidays
[Sauna Square] 24/7
[Hot Springs] 05:00 ~ 24:00
Location Elybaden(Sangin)
Address 200, 8-6, Sanginseo-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
KR Address 대구광역시 달서구 상인서로 8-6 엘리바덴 상인점
Contact 053-644-7000
[Water park]: Adult 32,000won, Teenagers 29,000won, Children 27,000won
*including Sauna Square(need to rent a cloth for 1,000won) and Hot Springs.
[Sauna Square]: Adult 11,000won, Others 7,000won 
*including Hot Springs
Hot Springs: Male 7,000won, Female 6,500won, Kids under age 7 4,000won

Duryu Water Park
 Most accessible water park 
#Best_Location #Octopus_Slide #Food_trucks

Opened this summer Duryu Water Park has been getting a fame of one of the most accessible water park. Their kid pools attract many youngsters with their Malibu-beach-like and a pirate-theme looks. They offer various pools with different depth so everyone can enjoy a nice cool summer time!

[Attractions] Wave pool, Body slides, lazy river, a pirate-themed kid Pool and baby pool with umbrella fountain, octopus slide and tunnel fountain,

[Other facilities] Sun Bath Zone, Shade Zone, Food Trucks and cafeteria Ticket and Information booth, writ-band charging booth, Shower and locker rooms, Picnic Zone(tables located here), Family Lounge(tables located inside the building), Breastfeeding room, Emergency Room,

Now – Aug 20, 10:00 – 19:00 (Ticketing starts at 9:30, last entry 18:00)
Location Duryu Water Park (also called Duryu Swimming Pool)
Address 237, Gongwonsunhwan-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
KR Address 대구광역시 달서구 공원순환로 237
Contact 053-623-2156
[Weekdays] Adult 14,000won Teenagers 10,000won, Seniors/Children 7,000won
[Weekends & Holidays] Adult 20,000won, Teenagers 15,000won, Seniors/Children 10,000won