Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Culture Yourself @ Daegu Art Museum (Current Exhibition Info Included)

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Culture Yourself @ Daegu Art Museum
Ghosts in Daegu!

Courtesy: Daegu Art Museum

The Daegu Art Museum is currently showing GHOST, an exhibit that looks at two aspects. One is looking at abstract fear from death, spirits, and illusions. The second is about threats from real modern day life such as politics, capitalism, or stereotyped notions.  On the first floor there are the darker side exhibits.  There is nothing scary, just a darker view of things.

There a somewhat strange display on water.  You can go into the exhibit and it sounds and feels as if water is falling around you.  It is odd and cool all at the same time.  Several small kids were giggling while their moms would not come inside. 

This exhibit includes hundreds of photos of everyday life in several countries with people wearing ghost sheets.  It was very interesting to see these photos and how they are received by Koreans as they view the exhibit.  This is not typically how Koreans view ghosts and is more a North American view on how ghosts look.  It seemed more humorous here.

The main exhibit is on ghosts, but that is not all there is to see.  The many colors and shapes the artists came up with are very eye catching!

There is a neat little exhibit inside a sound proof room. The monitor shows different views on art and history involving art.  It is quite the cute little exhibit.

Now we are into the more colorful exhibits and away from the Ghosts.  The vibrant and wonderful colors of the art work are very nice to see.  They make you want to taste them.  They make you want to smile.

If you are facing the museum to your left are two photo opportunities.  Two giant chairs and they were very popular. We had to wait for a few other families to finish snapping photos..
Also, if you want to relax in a peaceful environment go down the stairs in front of the chairs and there is a small pond and a stream. As this area is shaded and located next too a pond there were tadpoles and dragonflies.

To get to the museum using public transport, just take a bus or subway to Grand Park/Daegu Stadium station.  The museum shuttle bus is free and runs every 30 minutes from 9AM.

Ghost Exhibition Now to Sep 17
Hour April - Oct 10:00 - 19:00
■ Location Daegu Art Museum (Click to see direction)
Address 40 Misulgwan-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea
KR Address 대구 수성구 미술관로 40
■ Website http://artmuseum.daegu.go.kr/eng/main/
■ Admission 
3,000KRW for 26 years old to 65
2,000KRW for 14 years old to 25 years old
1,000KRW for kids from 8 years old to 13 years old
Guided tour
2PM and 4PM(only in Korean)

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