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How to get to Incheon Airport by KTX: Dongdaegu Station to Incheon Airport

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Taking a KTX train to Incheon Airport on My Way to Canada & America
from Daegu to Incheon Airport

Being in Korea for such a long time, I have become accustom to which public transportation system is readily available. Especially, when I had get to Incheon Airport.

There are several ways to reach Incheon Airport. Drive, take a direct limousine bus (plenty of leg room) or ride a KTX train directly to the airport like I did this time. I will give you simple instructions on how to get from Dongdaegu subway station to Dongdaegu train station. I will also explain how to transit into Incheon Airport.

Dongdaegu subway station is directly connected to Dongdaegu train station. You can ride escalators from the underground to right outside the train station. On the way, there are many signs that show directions in English. If you are carrying a heavy suit case like me, taking an elevator is great idea. It is located beside the escalator.

There is only one button indicating the floor where the train station is! When you get off the elevator(or escalator), you will immediately notice where the station is. Upon arriving you will see the departure and arrival board. The board is stated in Korean and English in turns. If you need to purchase your ticket, you can either choose to do it on a machine or go to a ticket box. I booked my KTX ticket online so my ticket was already on my cell phone.

This departure info board turns into English after a while

When you get on a KTX, you will find designated spots for luggage. Place you suitcase, sit back and enjoy the ride. During the ride, you will be offered various snacks and drinks.

Upon arriving at Incheon Airport, I took an escalator to the airport. Likewise, all the necessary directions are written in English on big signs on the way. This entire process sounds very simple and easy, and it is.

We often talk about “how will I get to the airport”? Having lived in South Korea I have found how transportation is set up is the best I have seen by far. I must say this is one of the main reasons why I love South Korea.

A funny addition to this journey is that I got upgraded for free to business class on my 13-hour flight to Toronto. In this seat I was able to relax and enjoy movies on a wide screen monitor.

After arriving in Toronto, I took this lovely photo of the downtown region, otherwise known as “The 6”

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