Friday, September 29, 2017

Korea's Food Festival "Suseong Lake Festival 2017"

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Suseong Lake Festival 2017
The Biggest Food Festival in Daegu

This year I’ve been to a few festivals that took place in Daegu: Colorful Daegu festival 컬러풀대구페스티벌, Yangnyeongsi Cheongchun Nanjang Market 약령시청춘난장 and, last but not least,  Suseong Lake festival수성못페스티벌 last weekend. Festivals are really an interesting way to explore culture. They are chance to try local food, see great performances and meet nice people. Also, spectacular fireworks are something to look forward to.

Suseong Festival’s 2017 theme is “Days of Water and Nights of Fire.” Sounds very sentimental! Suseong Lake is the embodiment of water and the fireworks display at the end of each day, highlight the fire part.

The first stop is food. We enjoyed eating a lot of local food such as the mandu 만두, ddeokbokki 떡볶이, pajeon 파전. It looked like it wasn’t much but it was very filling for two people. Next, we also tried the squid sunda/오징어순대 because I really love seafood. It was delicious!

We rested a bit and watched some performances. To my surprise, I saw my own country’s traditional dance (Sayaw sa bangko at iba pa) because there guest dancers from the Philippines, what a small world! What are the chances?!
I had to take a picture with dancers because I tried this dance and wore this traditional dress when I was a little girl. This pleasant surprise had made the rest of night more joyful, I couldn’t help smiling throughout the night.

We continued to explore “street food” section of the festival where various kinds of Korean fusion hotdogs 핫도그 were served. How interesting! Along with a hotdog, I tried the silkworm pupae 번데기, too. It wasn’t that bad. Pretty interesting!

Finally, we saved the best for last, the fireworks displayed its beauty in the sky. We really had a good view. It’s so worth it to wait until the night time. It’s colorful! It’s spectacular! Indeed, it’s Colorful in Daegu!


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Thursday, September 28, 2017

32 Things to Do Over Chuseok Holidays in Korea

Events, Festivals, Exhibitions in Daegu

The longest holiday season is coming up soon! Starting this weekend, a number of people living in Daegu are going to relish this cherished time of the year. After your hard work for the past year, you truly deserve these holidays! We present you lists of things to make them even better! X)




Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How to get to Daegu from Incheon Airport by Limousine Bus

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

How to get to Daegu from Incheon Airport by Limousine Bus

The easiest way to get to Daegu from Incheon International Airport is to take a direct bus from the airport.  The seats and ride are very comfortable and there is no hassle involved.
On the first floor of the terminal, all arrivals have to pass baggage claim and process through Korean Customs Agents.  After exiting the customs area you will be in a busy section of the terminal.  Exit the building and once on the side walk proceed to the right.  You will see many ticket vending booths and there are also self operating kiosk terminals.  If you are paying cash, you will need to use a ticket window.

If you are paying with an acceptable credit/debit card, I would suggest just using the self issuing ticket kiosks.  The process is painless and can be done in about two minutes. 
Select English on the home screen. Then choose the destination city.  Next, choose the number of passengers who will be travelling to the destination city. You will see a layout of the available seats and just have to tap the seats that you want. Finally choose the departure time. The tickets will print out at the terminal on the kiosk. The tickets are printed in English and Korean.

The bus for Daegu is located at 10C.  This departure location is across the street from the arrivals terminal and is located to the far right side with your back to the terminal.
Once you arrive at 10C, you should wait for your bus to arrive and make sure that you verify the bus you are boarding is for DongDaegu.  If you have large bags or suitcases, they can be stored in the compartment under the bus. The bus driver will also verify your tickets before boarding.

Seats are assigned and if you have forgotten your seat choice, just look at the ticket stubs.  After you are seated you will need to put on your seat belts.  This is a requirement and the driver will advise everyone (in Korean) that this is the law and also company policy.  The drive rwill also come and verify that everyone has the seat belt fastened.
There is wifi available on each bus.  The wifi password is different for each bus.  Just ask the driver for the password. 

As there are no restrooms onboard the bus, the driver will make a stop at on of several rest areas along the way.  The driver will announce the stop before arriving and will likely give passengers ten minutes for a restroom break.  There are restaurants and concession booths, but remember you only have ten minutes.

Next settle in for the three to four hour ride to Daegu.  Sometimes the buses will stop in other cities along the way. Our bus stopped at Gumi.  The Gumi terminal is very close to the highway and we spent less than ten minutes off the highway.

Upon arrival at the bus terminal in Dongdaegu, you will have several options to make the rest of the journey to your home or final destination.  Taxis are located right outside the terminal. The station is also connected to the Dongdaegu railway and subway stations. Just follow the signs to get to the subway station platform which is three floors down.  There are elevators and escalators to make it easier depending on the time you arrive.  Be sure to check the time before heading down to the subway station!

Tickets are 39,400KRW for adults and 19,700 for children under 7.
The last bus departs from Incheon at 11:30P.M. each night of the week. Travel time varies slightly based on traffic and weather.

[Dongdaegu Transit Center Complex]
Address: 153 Dongbu-ro, Dong-gu, Daeagu
KR Address: 대구 동구 동부로 153

Daegu Global Culture Festival "e-Fun" 2017 : Daegu Game Festival

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Daegu Global Culture Festival "e-Fun" 2017 

Daegu, especially Dongseongro, is always alive with its people. What makes the area more special is one or two festivals that goes on over the weekend throughout the year! In autumn, Daegu Game Culture Festival called "e-Fun" takes places in downtown. 2017 e-fun took place under the slogan "Go! to Gamfrica" which obviously refers to "game" added with Daegu's lovely nick name "Daegufrica"

The festival started on last Friday and continued throughout the weekend. There were Game Experience Zone where you can try a variety type of games. 

What's more exciting is that e-Fun created an "Off-line RPG@the real world" which you can play a game in the real world. There were Mission Posts across the tourists spots in Daegu. As you clear a mission, you accumulate points. Later, the best scored players are selected as winners and get rewards. This game was actually released in 2005 and latest version is available on Google play store and Apple Store. Let's see who will be selected as winner this year! 


As you can imagine, there were a lot of performances went on during the festival. Artists like Super B. came out to e-fun to celebrate the festival together. Opening ceremony,  concerts and main events took place at the Outdoor Stage in front of Daegu Department Store. 

If you have missed Daegu Global Culture Festival 2017, stay tuned for the next year!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Suseong Lake Festival for Kids: It's More Than Just a Food Festival (Daegu)

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Fun for All at the Suseong Lake Food Festival

Daegu has great festivals.  Many of the themes are family oriented and full of fun things to see and do. Min Hee is seven years old and like games as much other children her age.  Many of the game are easy to play but not always to win.

About the hardest game is a Korean gme with the numbers from 1 to 100 on a flat board.  The player is given a board piece to cover a section of the numbers on the board.  In this case the player is also given a second piece to cover a smaller section of numbers.  After covering some of the board numbers the player is given a container with folded papers. The player picks a piece of paper.  If the number on the paper is one of the numbers covered, a prize is given.  We tried on the first evening and had a little luck.  We visited the booth a second day and didn’t so well.  But, it is all fun, win or lose!

Scattered throughout the festival venue were games and fun activities for kids of all ages. There are magnetic darts to be tossed.  Min Hee won a cute water bottle and her dad won a pack of wet tissues.

At the slide a ring of ice game, Min Hee found it to be a bit hard to slide the ice to the target.  Min Hee’s mom hit the target and scored some cups for picnicking.

After a stop at the bounce house (free!) and making a friend or two we headed to the area of the festival near Suseong Lake. What we found was a lot of things to do.  With a theme of reusing recyclable things like newspaper and cardboard was a very popular idea.  There were hundreds of children playing in this area.

As a side note: Min Hee and her family came here last and while waiting for the hot air balloon line we met a mom and son in line behind us.  There we were, standing on the same patch of grass with the same mom and son!  That was very interesting.

We made two trips to the festival this year and enjoyed every bit of it.  Min Hee had a blast at all the games.  We saw lots of happy people enjoying the festival’s offerings and as the clock clicks closer to 1PM we are getting ready to head downtown and check another festival and see what we can find. Oh, thank you to all the event organizers who keep us busy and excited to live in COLORFUL DAEGU!

Dongseongro is Full of Festivity during Fall: Teen's Outreach Yard Festival and Yangryeongsi Cheongchun Nanjang Market

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Two Festivals in Downtown Daegu in two Weekends.

Festival 1: Teen’s Outreach Yard
Festival 2: Daegu Yangnyeongsi Cheongchun Nanjang

Downtown Daegu can be a such a vibrant place. I made a vast transition from a night owl to a day walker that continues to enjoy what Daegu has to offer (but during the day). With such a case, Teen’s Outreach Yard(대표청소년어울림마) was one such example.

Teen’s Outreach Yard offers many teenagers with the opportunity to connect to the local community. This festival acts as a platform for teenagers with certain talents and skills to be showcased which gives them valuable experiences with interacting with other members of the community. So I decided to take my daughter along. I wanted to show her something more unique. We were able to visit certain booths and part take in activities related to the arts and crafts.

Here we made a bookmark. I signed and dates on my daughters behalf. In addition she was able to place the flower in the center of the bookmark. We then moved onto another booth. Where I was design a mirror and with the help of my daughter we selected the color pink.

On the back of the mirror I wrote “Life is a mere reflection of your thoughts”. I found it quite fitting and ironic for it to be placed on a back of a mirror. We also were able to color some fish and my daughter enjoyed this very much.
She was having fun. We then moved forward toward the stage and enjoyed some live music.

Performances varied between singers, dancers and rappers. It was quite entertaining and I would have loved to have stayed long but we had to move on.

Thorughout the year, we can find similar such events related to Teen’s Outreach Yard. Which include Daegu Youth Summer Festival, Fall Picnic, Daegu Youth Hip-hop Festival and much more. These events happen at the 2.28 park. For the fall there are three main events and I personally got to enjoy the second event. Everybody is welcomed to come along for those events. 

If you know of any young people with talent (and can speak Korean) I would encourage you to allow them to participate in this festival. Not only will they learn to be better leaders in the community but also be a positive role model for others to follow. 

Festival #2 “Yangnyeongsi Cheongchun Nanjang Market” happened in 16th September 2017. The location of this festival was located close to Donga Department store (near Banwoldong Station).

A very simple set up, where business owners were able to show case their products and sell to the general public. We also had the opportunity for the team to showcase our wine too. Yangnyeongsi Cheongchun Nanjang Market will take place one more time this year.

As you can see I have had a busy month this September. This just goes to show what Daegu has to offer all its citizens, tourists and guests. I hope you get to experience Daegu in a positive light as I have personally done. Thank you.