Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Riding Biseulsan “Electric Car” to Daegyeonsa Temple

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

A Trip to Biseul Mt and Daegyeonsa Temple
Numbers 37 and 38 on the Daegu and Daegu Vicinity Tour Stamp Trail
View from Biseulsan Rainfall Radar Observatory(비슬산 강우레이더 관측소). You can walk to the observatory from Daegyeonsa Temple in 15min

On a Sunday a few weeks ago Min Hee and her family headed to see some sites near Daegu and collect some stamps for the Daegu & Daegu Vicinity Tour Stamp Trail.  It was an overcast day but we had fun!  We were together with Devon one of the other Citizen Press Foreign Reporters.

We headed to the mountain from Seobu Bus Terminal (directions are at the bottom of the article). We had breakfast then headed to the park.  Once there we bought tickets for the open air electric bus and waited for our departure.  As we are always out and on the go we had prepared snacks and drinks already.  There is nowhere to buy snacks near the bus departure point.  Also, the bus fare for the electric bus is one way.  So, 10,000KRW per adult and 6,000KRW for children round-trip can be paid in cash or credit/debit card.

It was finally time for our ride and we all boarded the bus for the ride to the top.  The ride is about 20 minutes and passes through beautiful forest.  Along the way were many interesting things to see.  The park is very well maintained and there are so many places to sit for a picnic.  Camping and renting of small rooms are also offered at Biseulsan Recreation Forest, but that is for another article!

The ride up to just over 1,000 meters gets a bit cool.  Bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes.  At the top, the bus stops about a five minute walk to the temple.  The temple was surrounded by fog and low hanging clouds on this trip.  We will definitely have to make it in the spring when the Stamp Tour starts again next year and maybe we will have a clear view to the valley floor.
Once you arrive at the temple there are volunteers usually serving hot tea.  We all had some.
“Daddy, what is it?”
“It is tea, baby girl.  Hot tea, to warm us up a little.”
“Mmmm, it tastes like flowers.”

After getting our stamps we took some time to look around.  The low clouds were actually passing by our faces.  Min Hee had never experienced that before.
After taking pictures and seeing the stones around the temple it was time to head back.  We grabbed our tickets and quickly boarded our bus.  We rode down the road and out of the clouds back into the forest and finally to the parking area.  Min Hee’s dad and Devon had to stop at the Park Office and get stamps then they had to walk the rest of the way back down.

on a less foggy day
View from Biseulsan Rainfall Radar Obervatory

1. Take an intercity bus @Seobu Terminal departing to Hyungpoong Terminal
2. Take a taxi or bus #600 or #Dalseong 5 heading to Biseulsan National Recreation Forest
1. Take bus #600 or #Dalseong5 if coming from the following places-Daegok Station, Daewon High School, Hwawon High School, Okpo Nonghyup, Nongong-eup Office, Dalseong Industrial Complex, Hyeongpung, and Bisuelsan Forest.  (only available on weekends and holidays)

Biseulsan Recreation Forest
Address: 230, Hyuyangnin-gil, Yuga-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu

KR Address: 대구 달성군 유가면 휴양림길 230

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