Wednesday, November 8, 2017

An Autumn Hike from Anjirang Valley to the Nakdong River Battle Museum in Daegu

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

An Autumn Hike from Anjirang Valley to the Nakdong River Battle Museum
#43 on the Daegu & Daegu Vicinity Tour Stamp Trail

On a recent weekend we wanted to finish up out Daegu & Daegu Vicinity Tour Stamp Trail.  We decided to get a hike in as well. So, we loaded up the soft cooler and headed to catch a bus.  Our course was to hike the Jarakil Trail from Anjirang Valley to Apsan Park.  This is a very easy hike and in total it turned out to be 6.8 kilometers.

Min Hee has always liked the hikes and today we had a great time.  The weather was beautiful and the air was clean. The Jarakil is a fairly level trail that starts in Gosan Valley and finishes in Dalbi Valley.  Eventually it will go completely around in a circle.  We like the trail because it covers a wide variety of areas in the park.

The Nakdong River Battle Museum is an often overlooked place in Apsan Park.  Many people stop and look at the vehicles and equipment displayed outside the museum, but do not take a look inside.  There is a lot of history on display.
There are uniforms and weapons on display and maps showing how the three year war began and how it progressed up to the Armistice Agreement.

The museum covers two floors and is a quiet place for learning and reflection.  Min Hee is a typical seven-year old and likes to play and have fun, but here she whispers to her parents.

Our goal today was to learn a little more about the history of Korea during the war and to get a stamp for our stamp books.  Once we got those two things completed it was time for a little relaxation in the park.  We settled in and set up our tent and hammock next to the stream in front of the museum.  We had our lunch of kimbap and some other snacks then we kicked back and rested for about two hours.

Interestingly, when we were packing up and cleaning up we found a very odd guest in our tent.  A crayfish had somehow found its way into the tent.  Even after we found him and put him near the water he kept trying to get back inside.

We finally got everything picked up and repacked.  Then it was time to go get one more stamp for the books and enjoy some dinner.

There is ample public parking and there are several buses you can take to get to Apsan Park.  Below are the bus numbers and where they stop.  All the buses run about every ten minutes or so.

- Bus# : 410-1
- Get off at “Across Apsan Park Management Office앞산공원관리사무소 건너

- Bus# : 410
- Get off at “In Front of Apsan Park Management Office앞산공원관리사무소

- Bus# : 300, 410, 140-1, 750, Dalseo 4, Dalseo 4-1
- Get off at “Apsan Park앞산공원

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