Monday, November 6, 2017

Bukseongro Festival 2017 - Daegu Downtown

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Bukseongro Festival 2017

Another great festival was held in downtown Daegu recently.  It was the Bukseongro Festival from the 27th to the 29th of October.  When Min Hee heard about it she asked to see if we could go check it out. We were hoping to also have an opportunity to make a silver ring.  That was the first thing on our list.  We entered the festival area across from Daegu Station and were happy to find that there was no long wait.

For ten thousand won you can make a silver ring and have a customized inscription place inside the ring.  All the work can be done in less than thirty minutes, from sizing to inscription.

Min Hee and her mom were guided through the steps and in a short period of time Min Hee had her ring engraved and we were on our way to check out other booths and see what else there was to do.

Side note: There he was.  The Man in Red.  He saw me looking at an event brochure and walked up and politely asked if I needed any help.  After I told him I was waiting for my daughter to finish getting her ring and that we were both Daegu Foreign Citizen Reporters, he said he had met another reporter the same way.  He is one of the roving translators.  In his distinctive uniform, he wanders around throughout downtown looking for foreigners in need of assistance with finding something or help, with translations.  This is a program sponsored by an agency in Daegu.

There were booths promoting youth activities in Daegu that also offered chances at free prizes and in some cases it only required you to find their facebook page and give it a thumb up or like.  Some booths asked for you to post a photo and use their instagram hashtag. Then you either were given a token gift such as a pen or bracelet. We snagged a couple of smart pens. One end had an ink pen and the other had a rubber knod you could us on smart touch devices.

There were free experiences like this trampoline experience for those with the height and strong hearts.  Min Hee wanted to try it.  She had an experience in the US over the summer.  This experience was limited to teenager and older only because of the harness.  We watched a young girl have a go at it.  She went went sky high!

There were also paid hands on booths.  Min Hee wanted to draw on a wind chime.  So we took a break and she settled down and added her own art work to a ceramic bell.
We visited a booth of Halloween English Speakers as well.  They spoke English very well! They also were dressed up for Halloween!  That was cool!

In the end we shopped for some earrings or bracelets.  We found a nice bracelet and ere thankful for the event that offered so much and engaged so many people.  We look forward to the next adventure in Colorful Daegu!

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