Monday, November 6, 2017

[Cheongna Hill-01] Our father used to live in the Chamness house!

The Hill-01
The Chamness Family Visits Daegu to Find a Missing Puzzle Piece in the Family History 

Cheongna Hill
Cheongna Hill has its reasons to be one of the most beautiful and popular landmarks in Daegu. The number one reason would be its peaceful vibe created by old houses and trees and sacred church. A number of locals and tourists make their visit here each year. On busy days, thousands of visitors come here.

The Hill in 20th C
Cheongna Hill used to be a residential area for American missionaries and medical staffs from Dongsan Medical Center. It used to locate 10 houses in the early 20th century. For some mysterious reasons, only 3 buildings remain today.

It's the First House
All 3 houses have distinctive outlooks yet harmoniously stand among old tress and gardens. Among all, House of American Christian Missionary Chamness, simply known as the Chamness house, is the first house you see when you walk up the hill. In fact, it is on the highest point of the hill. As you can imagine, it was named after an American missionary, Oliver Vaughan Chamness!

O.V's grandson water-painted the Chamness House

Who is O.V Chamness?
O. Vaughan Chanmness was a man full of love and generosity towards people. He worked in Daegu from 1924 to 1941 not only to fulfill his spiritual missions but also to help leprous patients who had been shunned away and isolated from communities back then. He significantly contributed to helping patients live independently by teaching them farming and stockbreeding.

O.V Chamness was an avid photographer.

And the Chamness in Daegu!

Last Thursday, Colorful Daegu had a very meaningful opportunity to meet the grandchildren of the missionary Chamness who made their visit to Daegu to follow the traces of their grandparents and father, Robert Chamness who lived in the house! This opportunity actually started with a comment on ourColoful Daegu facebook page by a Chamness! They brought us a valuable gift of their grandparent’ collection of photography and videos that recorded the old days of Daegu and Korea! 
To view them and learn the secrets of Cheongna Hill, stay tuned to our channel!

O.V. and Helen Chamness and their 3 boys. From the left are Leland, Robert and O.V. Junior. 
(left) Leland revisiting Cheongna Hill, (right) Robert's son and daughter last Thursday
(left) Cheongna Hill in the past, (right) Cheongna Hill today

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