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COFFEE CITY DAEGU l 3 Visit-worthy Cafes in Downtown

[Coffee City_Daegu] #2 Downtown

3 Visit-worthy Cafes in Downtown

Cafe Mua

Welcome to the city of coffee! Not to mention a morning take-out coffee each day, Koreans love enjoying a nice cup of coffee alone and with company. Among many major cities in Korea, Daegu is the number one place where you can find numerous options for independent cafes that has not only great coffee and food but also are visually appealing. The followings are 3 cafes in downtown that our Citizen Reporters have explored!  

#1 Café Mua
I stopped by another non-traditional café in downtown Daegu, known for its great food and gayaguem performances it’s deserved of its reputation. I went to café Mua.

The building doesn’t look like a café really from the outside but if you look closely you can see what appears to be a hanok on the roof.

Once you enter Café Mua you have to order tight at the first floor before finding a seat on one of the other four floors. Your bell will buzz and you’ll have to come back for your drinks but thankfully if you order food then they will bring it to you.

The menu here is HUGE with all kinds of delicious looking dishes, however we decided to play it safe and go for the bibimbab that we had heard good things about. Wow! They give a lot of nice side dishes and the bibimbab itself was fantastic. I’d say that it was one of my top 5 bibimbabs that I’ve had in Daegu. We also ordered the “green light” juice, which wasn’t so tasty but I’m guessing it was very healthy.

I had to check out the roof where there is indeed a traditional looking Korean house thing that I snapped a few pictures of. As we were leaving a gayaguem (traditional Korean instrument) performance was starting, it sounded beautiful and I wish our timing was better but we had to go. Next time I really want to listen to the whole thing!

■Quick Facts
- Address: 2-1, Jong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu,
- KR Address: 대구시 중구 종로2 2-1
- Closest Subway: Jungangro Exit 1
- Phone: 053-255-4717
- Hours:  Everyday 10:30 – 24:00
- English speaking staff: Not really, but they know the menu.
3 most popular menu items: Bibimbab, Juices, Dessert

#2 Factory 09

■Basic Information
-Address: 79, Seoseong-ro 14-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu
-KR Address: 대구 중구 서성로14 79
-The nearest subway station: Jungang Station exit 4; down the road from Hyangchon Cultural Center.
-Phone: 01030777465
-Hours: 11:30am-8:30pm
-Closed on: No days off
-English speaking staff: O

■More Info
-Menu I ordered: Ice Americano, bolt-shaped bread, and wrench-shaped bread.
-Description: The Americano had a deep taste that I liked. The bread was fun to play with lol.
-Vibe: Very industrial but not dirty. I think it will attract a lot of people over time.

-5 interesting facts:
1. The tool-themed was inspired by Bukseongro's Tool Street.
2. The owner got tools donated from Tool Street to build the cafe.
3. Before it was a cafe, the building was a shoe store.
4. The owner is a craft designer.
5. He also designs furniture.
-What you like about the place: It has its own character.
-What you hope the place improve on: Nothing yet. It is still a new cafe.

#3 Mix Cafe

■Basic Information
-Address: 86-2, Bukseong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu
-KR Address: 대구 중구 북성로 86-2
-The nearest subway station: Daegu Station
-Any other information to help find the place:
-Phone: 053-768-8821
-Hours: every day 1100-2300
-Closed on: At the owner’s discretion.
-English speaking staff : Yes

■More Info
-Menu I ordered: I ordered a hot cappuccino.
-Vibe: Mix Cafe was relaxed and quiet. Most of the people there were studying or chatting over a cool beverage.

-5 interesting facts
1. It appears as more of a coffee hub, but there are also cafe food items, and a full wine and beer menu.
2. Outside, there’s a bonfire and a projector where they show movies when the weather’s clear.
3. On the third floor, the owner sells antiques online.
4. On the second floor, there is a hidden room inside a window near the third floor staircase.
5. Typically, you’ll be welcomed by the owner’s pet.

-What you like about the place: It is comfortable with lots of private spaces, and the staff is extremely friendly.
-What you hope the place improve on: I hope that the space expands as a consistent event space for musicians, writers, and other artists. 

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