Friday, November 10, 2017

Daegu Arboretum's Chrysanthemum Festival 2017

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Daegu Arboretum's Chrysanthemum Festival 2017

This past weekend, Min Hee and her family headed to the Daegu Arboretum for this year’s Chrysanthemum Festival.  It was really wonderful.  The leaves were changing on the trees and the mix of colors was astounding. Min Hee kept saying how the flowers smelled beautiful. 

There were families and couples and just lots of people enjoying the displays of flowers in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  There were animal shaped displays made from different color flowers.  Popular characters from animations that are popular with kids of all ages. The work involved must have taken months.  Everything was beautifully displayed and no matter where you looked there was more to see and take in.

There were too many photo opportunities and so many people taking photos that we had to be careful.  We saw people asking for other people to take photos for others.  It was really a friendly sight to see and all the smiling faces made it even more fun.
The festival displays were very well done and there are possibly hundreds of photos to be taken!

We were also astounded by the large number of people trying to get into the park.  We did not expect to see so many people there.
There is free public parking both inside the Daegu Arboretum and outside the park.  We went by subway to Daegok Station and took exit 3.  The bus stop is in the opposite direction the exit takes you. You will need to do a U-turn on the sidewalk  go back towards the crosswalk and  turn right and walk about 50 meters to the stop.  Take Dalseong 5 bus to the Central Government Offices stop.  From there it is a ten minute walk to the Chrysanthemum Festival displays.

There are food and drink vendors both inside the park and outside the park (only during the festival), but the options are limited.

Address: 342, Hwaam-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
대구광역시 달서구 화암로 342 (대곡동)

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