Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Korea's Multicultural Event: Colorful Daegu Multicultural Festival 2017

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Colorful Daegu Multicultural Festival 2017

Recently, Daegu Metropolitan City helped to sponsor this festival.  It was a huge success.  Several hundred families turned out.  We were again amazed at the huge number of visitors.  Given that the day was a bit colder than usual, there may have been more of a turn out if the weather was just a bit nicer.

“Wow! So many people are here today!”

We stopped right away at the first sets of tables and were quickly handed coloring sheets and markers.  Min Hee and her BFF Jin Young got started on coloring.  All the while more people were arriving.

There were booths for coloring or building models of homes or scenery from several Asian countries. The theme was to introduce other cultures to improve awareness of how people lived in their own home countries.  Many booths also had traditional snacks or drinks for kids while they were working on puzzles or just drawing.

Min Hee wanted an eco shopping bag.  When it was her turn, they had given away all of the shopping bags and the helpers were now drawing designs on t-shirts and letting the children color them.

“We love t-shirts!”

This event was held at the gym on the campus of Youngnam College of Sicence & Technology  in Daemyoung dong.  As we went inside there were about 20 tables. One of the tables was set up by the Better Together team. They had balloons over famous places in the city.  Children were given darts to throw at the board.  They were then asked what the landmark was and given a piece of candy.

Free stuff! Each family was also given carry bag and gifts like a toothbrush travel kit, a few pens, a pack of wet tissues, a piggy bank, choco pies, a bottle of water, and more pens. 
Then we went into the main gymnasium.  WOW!  Many families had signed up for competing in teams against other families.  We had not signed up so we just watched the fun.  There were team cheerleaders helping keep things organized along with a professional emcee to keep the teams motivated and having fun. 

There were relay races with parent and children teams or husband wife teams.  The three-legged race was all about rhythm.  Some teams had it some teams didn’t.  Shoes were flying and people were screaming.  The main thing was everybody was having a great time.
In the end, the teams had mad points and were ranked first to fourth place.  Families from each team were given prizes.  The prizes included dish sets, food containers, sets of tissues and more.  Congratulations to all the teams!

It was a day filled with excitement and smiling faces and happy people in our Colorful Daegu! 

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