Thursday, November 30, 2017

Raising a kid in Korea│Guided Tour @ Jincheon Prehistoric Remains Park

Daegu Citizen Press 2017

Jincheon Prehistoric Remains Park

On a recent afternoon, we were given an opportunity to join a guided tour through Jincheon Prehistoric Remains Park.  Although the tour was only provided in Korean, the guide spoke slowly enough for basic Korean speakers to get the main idea.

First, we were given smocks to put on over our clothes.  The smocks all had animal hide print.  This was to get us thinking about the people who lived in the area during the Bronze Age. After we were dressed up we had a group photo taken at the front of the park.

From there we were given a short introduction as to how the park was established and where the relics were found.  They were found during excavation of Daegu’s Subway, Line 1.  The relics are from pit tombs and ceremonial alters.

We then moved to the large pit. Here is where three graves were found in very close proximity to each other.  Pit tombs were small and usually in rectangular shape.  The bodies were put into an almost baby like position and laid on their sides as opposed to their backs.

We were told about more pit tombs found in the area.  This area is where most all of the relics in Daegu  were found from the Bronze Age.

After leaving the big pit, we moved to the shaded area and shown a large rock with concentric circles carved into the stone.  It is speculated that here was a ceremonial location and this may have been some sort of ceremonial area. Also here we learned about how Pit Tombs were recognized.  They were covered with large flat stones.

After our learning experience, anyone who wanted try out some archaeologist type activities using special paper and ink bundles to collect copies of the engravings found on stones or other surfaces, they were given paper, ink bundles, pencils or markers.

Another interesting thing about the park is that Dalseo District has gotten permission from several property owners the paint on the properties leading to the park!  Min Hee had a lot of fun trying to find some of the not so easy to see artwork.  Some were big and very obvious.  Some not so big or obvious.

Click here to download the application form.  The form is in HWP format(Korean only).  Download the form and fill it out.  Then fax it to the number 667-2179 or email to:

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